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  1. aletem

    Karaoke ESC songs

    Does anyone have, by any chance, karaoke ESC songs in .cdg file? I need couple of songs actually. I don't need just the instrumental, because I would need the graphics/lyrics shown, once the song kicks-in on the karaoke machine. :lol: If any of you have files like that or know where to download...
  2. aletem

    My reviews of the songs

    I'm sorry that I'm not posting this as a blog, cause I've used too many characters. :oops: Anyway, here they are. I tried to be constructive and nice, for a change. You can write what you think, a.k.a. agree/disagree, or you can add on my "constructive criticism". Semi-final 1: Poland: Poland...
  3. aletem

    Fun versions of the ESC songs

    I know Milos did an amazing job with an Armenian entry (was it 2009?), so I decided to open a thread and well... let's be creative!! :mrgreen: This thread is about fun versions of the songs. You can make one on your own and we can see how creative you are etc. It is nothing outrageous. Just for...
  4. aletem

    5th NSC World Cup in Canedonia, Confederations Cup

    The 5th NSC World Cup is going to be held in Canedonia. :mrgreen: Applause!!!!! xclap xclap xclap The poster above was used in the presentation of Canedonia as the host of this elite competition. An official banner will follow after the qualifications. The ceremony will be opened with...
  5. aletem

    Your ideal squad from World Cup 2010

    Lets say you want to create your own team from the players of this World Cup. Which players would you select? :mrgreen: You can pick two reserves for each position as well, but only one reserve goalie. Go on! :D Goalkeeper: Thomas Sorensen (Denmark) Defenders: Daniel Agger (Denmark) John...
  6. aletem

    Earthquakes and volcanoes

    There are a lot of earthquakes and recently some volcanic eruptions going on around the World. We can post informations here (at least for the not-so-strong earthquakes) about natural phenomena happening this year. Today there was an earthquake in Costa Rica with a magnitude of 6.1 on the...
  7. aletem

    American Idol - The finale starts in couple of minutes

    It is a battle between Crystal and Lee DeWyze. I hope that Crystal is gonna win American Idol, because she deserved it. :D She sang the best last night. Also, the judges were pushing Lee way too much. :shock: And he can't say a sentence on stage without repeating "you know, you know"...
  8. aletem

    An ideal selection from the NF's

    Ok, if you have followed the NF's (or most of them, or even some of them), write down the ideal combination of representatives for the countries that you wanted to see them on ESC this year (of the chosen ones so far)! :mrgreen: I know people complained about how bad this year is, so write your...
  9. aletem

    Last song you heard in 2009 and first song you heard in 2010

    Happy New Year everyone!!! :D :mrgreen: So what was the last song you heard in 2009 and what was the first song you heard in this new 2010? :mrgreen: I decided to listen to "Pjesma za kraj" (A song for the end) as a last song in 2009. :lol: As far as 2010 goes, the first song was my...
  10. aletem

    EURO 2012

    The pots for the qualifications for the EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine are already revealed. The draw will take place in Warsaw on February the 7th. Here are they: (based on their coefficient order) Pot 1: Spain Germany Netherlands Italy England Croatia Russia France Portugal Pot 2: Greece...
  11. aletem

    Your ranking of the songs in the semis

    What is your ranking of the songs after watching the semi-finals? My ranking changed from what it was initially: :mrgreen: :lol: Semi#1 1. Turkey 2.= Romania 2.= Finland 4. Israel 5. Montenegro 6. Bosnia and Heregovina 7.= Sweden 7.= Iceland 9. Switzerland 10. Macedonia 11. Bulgaria 12...
  12. aletem

    MAKEDONIJA - Macedonia - Karolina Gocheva - Mojot Svet

  13. aletem

    MAKEDONIJA - Macedonia - Tamara Todevska - Let me love you

  14. aletem

    NSC growers

    What are some of the songs that you've heard editions ago and have grown on you? Doesn't have to be lately, just in general. I can count maybe 3-4 songs at the moment, but there are probably more. St.Lotus: Polarkreis 18 - Allein Allein Bokia - Nelly Furtado ft. James Morison - Broken strings...
  15. aletem

    NSC 100 - CANEDONIA: Last edition

    Welcome to CANEDONIA!!!! Facts about the country: - In the new NSC world, this country become as a result of fussion between the Macedonians and the Canadians. Generally the population consist of equal number of Canadians and Macedonians. - The capital city is: Palace City.... It is a...
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