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  1. EmperorG

    WV Spin-off 25 | Year Randomiser | The Show - Results from page 4/8 (post #63)

    xbikexbike Welcome to Germany for Year Randomiser Spin-off. xbikexbike Host: Claus Meine DDL: 5/4/2014 Time: 22:45 CET. xbike Send your votes to Milos-BC or Me via PM. xbike
  2. EmperorG

    WV Spin-off 25 | Year Randomiser | Confirmation Thread - DDL: 23/3/2014

    Year Randomiser 2. Countries list: EmperorG - England 1999 (c) Gera11 - Norway 2010 (c) Stargazer - UK 1992 (c) Adrian - Australia 1994 (c) Cinderella - Romania 1996 (c) Trece - Puerto Rico 2013 (c) NoraZineb - Germany 1984 (c) BlueForever - Taiwan 1980 (c) AdelAdel - France 1997 (c) Simon87 -...
  3. EmperorG

    September Spin Off / R.I.P. spin off / Results show: Today 18:00 CET

    xbikexbike Welcome to Rome xbikexbike R.I.P. Spin-off Host Center: Rome Cemetery Hosts: The Death: Eddie (Iron Maiden's mascot from Dance of Death): Interval act: Send your votes to me via PM xbike Voting system: ::12::10::8::7::6::5::4::3::2::1
  4. EmperorG

    September Spin-off / RIP Spin-off Confirmation Thread. DDL 12/9/2013 @23:55 CET

    R.I.P. Spin-off September 2013 This is a spin-off with songs from deceased artists. Some rules: 1) Bands are allowed if their lead vocalist is now deceased. 2) Duets between a deceased artist and another artist that is still alive are not allowed. Reserved: ::mk LakZaNokte (c)...
  5. EmperorG

    WV song stuck in your head today

    We need this thread here xbike
  6. EmperorG

    FSC Spin-Off May - Non-English | THE SHOW! - Deadline: 29/5/2013 22.45 CET

    Welcome to the UK, fo' a non-English spin-off :lol: Host Center - Anfield The hosts: Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden's Guitarist) ;) Bonnie Tyler Special Guests: David Armand Rowan Atkinson Now a small conversation between these 2: Armand: Now, how on earth am I going to mime these songs...
  7. EmperorG

    Non-English Spin-Off (May 2013) - Confirmation Thread | Deadline: 10/5/2013 @ 22:30 CET

    RomanFromRussia - Albania ::al (c) CypriotGirl - Lithuania ::lt (c) Busybee - Germany ::de (c) Simon87 - Turkey ::tr (c) Hele. - Colombia ::co (c) Cinderella - Romania ::ro (c) ixic - Israel ::il (c) Narmina - Greece ::gr (c) handeyener - Mexico ::mx (c) Charlyje - United Kingdom ::uk (c)...
  8. EmperorG

    WV Spin-off 5 - Country Randomiser - THE SHOW - RESULTS SHOW NOW!

    Welcome to Prudential Center (New Jersey devils arena) xbike Hosts: Frank Sinatra Whitney Houston Special Guests: Bon Jovi Send your votes to me (EmperorG) via PM | Deadline: 7/3/2013, 21.50 CET xbikexbikexbikexbikexbikexbikexbikexbikexbikexbike...
  9. EmperorG

    WV Spin-off 3 - Movies Soundtracks | Results Show NOW

    xbike Good evening people! xbike Let's begin! xcheer
  10. EmperorG

    Right or left handed?

    Voted: Left! xbike
  11. EmperorG

    Movies Soundtracks Spin-off | THE SHOW! (Result show: Saturday 26/01/13, 21:30 CET)

    Welcome to New Jersey! Venue: MetLife Stadium Hosts: 2 actors from New Jersey: Bruce Willis & Meryl Streep Opening act: Participants: Closing act: Send your Votes to EmperorG via pm. Voting system: ::12::10::8::7::6::5::4::3::2::1 Deadline: 24/1/2013, 23.59 CET Good...
  12. EmperorG

    January 2013 Spin-off - Favorite song of 2012 | THE SHOW!

    Welcome to 2012! :twisted: Hosts: Jedward :lol: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy :lol: Send your Votes to Narmina via pm. Voting system: ::12::10::8::7::6::5::4::3::2::1 Deadline: 26/1/2013, 23.59 CET Good luck everybody...
  13. EmperorG

    January 2013 spin-off: Favourite song of 2012 - Confirmation Thread (DDL: 9/1/13, 18.00 CET)

    Send me your choices by pm! Deadline: 9/1/13, 18.00 CET Participants: Country: Artist: Song: Video: LakZaNokte - ::us (c) EmperorG - ::uk (c) Staewi - ::ca (c) busybee - ::fr (c) Daniels1000 - ::ee (c) handeyener - ::rs (c) Narmina - ::ua (c) Anjeza - ::az (c) Simon87 - ::it (c) Sahistul -...
  14. EmperorG

    NBA/ All basketball fans here!

    Here we will talking about NBA...Sooooooo will anyone like to make the start here??? :D
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