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  1. AshleyWright

    ⛷️⛰️WV 151 ASPEN • SCHEDULE ⛰️⛷️ FINAL LL - 20:00 CET

    Western USA welcomes all of you to the Colorados' famous Rocky Mountains and to the small ski resort town of Aspen! Either sit back and relax, or take to the slopes and enjoy the thrill! SCHEDULE SUBMISSION • 02 JAN - 07 JAN SEMI 1 • 08 JAN - 13 JAN SEMI 2 • 09 JAN - 14 JAN FINAL • 16 JAN -...
  2. AshleyWright

    ✨🌟 WLSC Congrats 09 in San Luciana, Solentoya ⭐ Shine Bright ⭐ Voting DDL: 14 DEC 21CET 🌟✨

    Q&A CONFIRMED Solentoya ⭐ Svobodnia ⭐ Moisantia Bigicia ⭐ Griffin Empire ⭐ Belvist Rehi Kaita ⭐ Oosingimaed ⭐ Sween Gringotts ⭐ Tamausia & Deltannor Utopolis ⭐ Tanoiro ⭐ Emsfrynt Joseyeon ⭐Effiland ⭐ New Bander State
  3. AshleyWright

    ♦ WLSC 216 // Sulani, Solentoya // SUL SUL ♢ VOTING DDL: 06 APR 20CET ♦

  4. AshleyWright

    Difficult Person Test

    There is a scientific test you can do to see just how much of a difficult person you are to be around. Take it here: and then post your results below. :D Mine: Seems about right imo. :lol: " Suspicion is the tendency to harbor a...
  5. AshleyWright

    Which Spin-Off should b the 133rd? FINAL ROUND

    Second Chance send a song that failed to make the final in WV Hot Boys Send a Song with Boys in Music Videos, that shows a lot of bare skins. Gay Love Send a Song that celebrates homosexual love.
  6. AshleyWright

    Which Spin-Off should be 133rd? FIRST ROUND

    WV All Stars - Send a song that came top 10 in WV Second Chance - send a song that failed to make the final in WV Karaoke Dj Spin off - Send a song by a dj alone or by an artist who has a song with a dj Disney - send a song from a Disney movie or series Weather Spin-off Send a song with a...
  7. AshleyWright

    ☀️ WLSC205 🔷 Alasanti, Solentoya 🔷 Voting DDL: 04 OCT 21:00 CEST ✨

    Welcome back to Solentoya for the Waiting List Song Contest. This time taking part in our 2nd city, the modern metropolis that is Alasanti. A city at the centre of renewable technology and high tech industries. A city where if you work hard enough, anything is possible. The future of Solentoya...
  8. AshleyWright

    🍷 WLSC202 🌴 Adriana, Solentoya 🌴 DDL: AUG 16 21:00 CEST 🍷

    Welcome to Adriana, The playground of Natias most richest and most famous. Luxury, sun, and extravagance awaits you all. So put on your best Luis Vuittons, grab your in season Prada bag and make your way on over for a glass of Gout de Diamants Champagne and a spectacle to dumfound you all...
  9. AshleyWright

    Which Spin-Off should be 126th? FINAL ROUND

    I Love Belarus Send a patriotic song that promotes a particular country/region Instrumental spin off Send an instrumental entry. Openings Send the opening of a movie, series, TV-show, anime etc...
  10. AshleyWright

    National Final Promotions

    This thread is available for players to announce and promote their national finals. YOU CAN ONLY HOLD NATIONAL FINALS FOR WV147 NOTE: Make sure your NF follows the rules! ON GOING NATIONAL FINALS (147): Country/Region National Final Link
  11. AshleyWright

    ✵ Ashleys Adventure | ⊰ Cyprus Κύπρος ⊱ | OM07 | Ivi Adamou ft. Konnie Metaxa - Pao ❧

    Edition Artist - Song Place Points 🇮🇳 INDIA 01 🇹🇭 Bangkok Aditi Singh Sharma - Dhoom Machale Dhoom 03 92 02 🇮🇩 Jakarta Bhoomi Trivedi, Raja Kumari - Husn Parcham 08 75 03 🇲🇾 Malacca Neha Kakkar, Tulsi Kumar & B Praak - O Saki Saki 04 92 04 🇯🇵 Tokyo Vishal Dadlani, Neha...
  12. AshleyWright

    ♛ WV WESTMINSTER 119 || SCHEDULE || FINAL DRAW INSIDE || LL: 10/02 20:30 CET ♛

    Welcome to the beating heart of London. We hope you enjoy your stay! SCHEDULE SUBMISSION :: 27 JAN - 01 FEB SEMI FINAL 1 :: 02 FEB - 07 FEB SEMI FINAL 2 :: 03 FEB - 08 FEB GRAND FINAL :: 10 FEB - 15 FEB All results next day
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