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  1. tsegaye

    Which countries will get their best ever placing?

    I couldn't see any thread like this posted this year so the big question is: Will any performers of the Eurovision Song Contest achieve their country's best ever placing this year? I'll go ahead and guess first! ::sm - Even if San Marino is quite unpredictable I can't see this one flopping hard...
  2. tsegaye

    2020 Staging concepts

    Now that we almost have all the entries of the year, it would be fun to create a forum where we can discuss staging concepts, how we would like to see specific entries on the Eurovision stage! I'll post more whenever I have more time, but for now I have one idea and that is: :bg: That they do...
  3. tsegaye

    In it to win it or out of the competition?

    So I did a thread last year about which countries you think have a chance of winning the competition. I feel it would be fun to do it again and update it whenever you feel the countries chances change! I'll however try to NOT move countries from the "out" list to the "in it" list to make it...
  4. tsegaye

    Who do you think will win Eurovision Song Contest 2019?

    Yeah, this is exactly what it sounds like! Just go with your guts here, and I'll close the poll when the first artist/song has been announced!
  5. tsegaye

    Who will do the best out of the non-winners?

    So the question is, WHICH COUNTRY out of the non-winning countries will do the best this year? So it's a prediction-based poll, you can of course write in the thread which country you think is the best but the poll is about what you predict will place best in the final!
  6. tsegaye

    Best/worst ever result

    The task is simple! Which country/countries do YOU think will get their best AND worst ever results? I'll start! Best: ::cz - Can't see it not finishing top 20 Okay that was about it... Or... Whatever I'll go bold on this one! ::hu - Will slay the televote and get enough jury points to finish...
  7. tsegaye


    I was bored and started writing down the countries that I think has a chance at winning, and the ones that are out of the race already based on the buzz in the semis, the chosen song not strong enough and so on. Then I thought it might be fun to see how other people here would rate the countries...
  8. tsegaye

    Eurovision preview shows

    I thought we could have a thread were we discuss and post our opinions about the preview shows that are aired around Europe. The first (that I've seen) is the finnish-swedish preview show De Eurovisia that aired last night. I havn't watched the whole show yet so I don't post the results of their...
  9. tsegaye

    ScoreWIZ Tool

    At you can do your own scoreboard, and I've done it to predict how this year's results turn out to be. If anyone else have done it too you can post your link in this thread, and we can discuss if the results are realistic or not :lol: Here is my scoreboard...
  10. tsegaye

    Which of the pre-qualified entries would have qualified if they had to compete in the semi-finals?

    I've thought of this alot every year, because almost every year there is at least one pre-qualified entry in the bottom of the final and that's why I wanted to ask this question. Which countries would've qualified if they were to perform in the semi-finals? To narrow the discussion a bit we can...
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