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  1. Verjamem

    ESC 2018 Calendar

    October 2017 29 ::il Israel: HaKokhav HaBa (The Next Star) Auditions 1 31 ::il Israel: HaKokhav HaBa (The Next Star) Auditions 1 November 2017 7 ::fi Finland: Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu Artists reveal 8 ::be Belgium: Artist reveal 9 ::nl Netherlands: Artist reveal December 2017 5 ::at Austria...
  2. Verjamem

    2018 European Men's Handball Championship in Croatia

    Unfortunately we won't be there, but that doesn't really matter. I think it will be a great tournament, as always :) 12-28 January 2018 Group A (Split) - ::hr Croatia, ::se Sweden, ::rs Serbia, ::is Iceland Group B (Poreč) - ::fr France, ::by Belarus, ::no Norway, ::at Austria Group C...
  3. Verjamem

    2017 World Men's Handball Championship in France

    It's exactly 1 week left to start of biggest competition in men's handball - World Championship Group A - ::fr France (host nation & title holder), ::pl Poland, ::ru Russia, ::br Brazil, ::jp Japan, ::no Norway Group B - ::es Spain, ::sl Slovenia, ::mk Macedonia, ::is Iceland, ::tn Tunisia...
  4. Verjamem


    It has started again! :D
  5. Verjamem

    ESC 2015: National Juries

    Hello everyone, welcome in the National Juries! Some of you may know this game, but anyway I will explain the rules :) Anybody are interested in taking a part? Here are the list. Copy-paste it and write your nick at your state. If you are first person in your group, you will be a Head of Jury...
  6. Verjamem

    2016 European Men's Handball Championship in Poland

    The 12th European Men's Handball Championship will take a place in Poland, on 17-31 January 2016. Matches will be played in Kraków, Katowice, Sopot, Łódź and Wrocław. First group stage Group A (Kraków) - ::fr France, ::pl Poland, ::mk Macedonia, ::rs Serbia Group B (Katowice) - ::hr Croatia...
  7. Verjamem

    Which seas have you visited?

    Thread in style of "Which Countries have you visited?/Want to visit?" and "Capitals You've been to". So, which seas have you visited? :D ::pl Baltic Sea (because I visited this sea, only by our side) ::fr Mediterranean Sea (the same)
  8. Verjamem

    2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship

    Today, we'll also start a world championship in men's volleyball. Do you will support your national team? Or maybe other team? :D Above you have a fixtures and calendar of competition. First match will take place today. On Stadion Narodowy (venue used at UEFA Euro 2012), Poland will play against...
  9. Verjamem

    In which European country you should live?

    Test «Internal Citizenship» : SREDA Independent Research Agency Simple and interesting game, mainly based on your political views and convictions/beliefs. So, for which European country do you really fit/belong? According to my result, I should live in ::no Norway :D
  10. Verjamem

    Your linguistic skills

    I started this thread, because I want to know, how many languages you know and if indeed Eurofans are polyglots ;) I will begin the discussion :D ::pl Polish - Of course, my native language. I can speak Polish since I remember :) ::en English - I'm studying it since I was 7 (September 2005). I...
  11. Verjamem

    Your favourite entries/personal winners

    I think that everyone have own list of personal winners/numbers one from 1956 - present or least some period of time :p Here you can write it. I will be first, and tell my personal winners from 2000-2013 years ;) 2000 - ::ru "Solo" 2001 - ::fr "Je n'ai que mon âme" 2002 - ::mk "Od nas zavisi"...
  12. Verjamem

    Unfavourite Winners

    Already we have thread "Favourite Winners", so I think that we need another thread about winners to opposite. So, which winners is most unliked/hated by you ? :D My list :) (random order) ::de 2010 Lena Meyer-Landrut "Satellite" ::se 2012 Loreen "Euphoria" ::no 1995 Secret Garden "Nocturne" ::de...
  13. Verjamem

    Baltic Song Contest 2013

    Baltic Song Contest 2013 will held in 19-20th July, like each year at Karlshamn. Though the name, in competition not only participants are countries which have access to Baltic Sea. Anyway, 10 states will take part this year. Every artist will perform a two songs. Here's they - 1.::en Moya -...
  14. Verjamem

    2014 European Men's Handball Championship in Denmark

    The 11th European Men's Handball Championship will take a place in Denmark, on 14th-26th January 2014. Matches will be played at Ballerup, Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Herning. At this moment we know, which is squad of first round groups. Group A - ::dk Denmark (host nation and title holder)...
  15. Verjamem

    Do you have a forum about Eurovision in your country ?

    I'm just really curious If you have a any forum about Eurovision at your country, where you can talk with other fans in your national language ? We have it in ::pl, and this is just called ESCForum :D But I don't know, if I could put the link there :(
  16. Verjamem

    Do you have Eurovision CD compilation from any year ?

    I have one from 2000, and maybe I will buy another in future. And you ? ;)
  17. Verjamem

    Where will you be watching Eurovision 2013 ?

    Like as thread name. It's only 30 days left to ESC 2013 first semifinal. So where will you be watching Eurovision 2013 ? Maybe just on terrestrial/cable TV, maybe on FTA satellite or maybe you will use a online streaming ? "Choose your destiny" ;)
  18. Verjamem

    When do you started watching Eurovision ?

    So, in which moment of your life (how many years ago, in which year ?), do you started to doing this great activity ? Me in 2011 ;) (I know, very late :D)
  19. Verjamem

    ESC 2013 - National Juries

    Someone maybe know this game, someone not. This is the schema of game and rules. 1.Everyone participant join to their countries jury, which are taking part in ESC 2013 (e.g. Jukica for Croatia, CC92 for Germany, Danny for Belgium etc.). If someone country are withdrawing/never taken part, this...
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