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  1. FSC #131 -January 2020: The Show! [Bucharest, Romania] | RESULTS from page 3

    ::de Jeannette and ::ch Stefanie :love::love::love:
  2. GERMANY 2011 - Lena - Taken By a Stranger

    Re: DEUTSCHLAND - Germany 2011 - Lena The success of Lena was her abandon. But next year she will be a star and she won´t be a surprise for the people. I think, it´s a risk to sing again for her. She can´t reach more as this year. So it would be time to find a new singer - after the victory, i...
  3. GERMANY 2011 - Lena - Taken By a Stranger

    Re: DEUTSCHLAND - Germany 2011 I don´t think, that this would be a good idea. It´s better to search a new talent and i think, there will be much more people who wants to sing next year for Germany after the success of Lena.

    She wasn´t rude and arrogant. You must imagine, that 4 months ago nobody knew her and now she wins the contest. So i think she has to realise all that. She isn´t perfect and i think the press-conference she will thank all people, who voted for her. I´m so confused about her victory - i really...
  5. DEUTSCHLAND - Germany 2010 - Lena - Satellite

    Thanks for all who voted for Germany. That´s unbelievable - i think noone in Germany can realize it. After 28 years and after many boring songs this success. Congratulations to Lena :D
  6. HRVATSKA - Croatia 2010 - Feminnem - Lako je sve

    In my opinion this song is one of the best this year - and i can´t understand the result. I was so sure, that they will reach the final and i would be allowed to vote for this song - but now it´s not possible :evil:
  7. DENMARK 2010 - Chanée & N'evergreen - In a Moment Like This

    It was an aweful presentation yesterday. Extremely boring.
  8. HRVATSKA - Croatia 2010 - Feminnem - Lako je sve

    I can´t understand this decision. Croatia was much better than Aserbaidschan, Romania, Ireland. I´m very sad about :(
  9. ESC Final prediction GAME

    So her are my predictions of tomorrow: 1. Armenia 2. Belgium 3. Turkey 4. Germany 5. Aserbaidschan 6. Iceland 7. Georgia 8. Israel 9. Greece 10. Denmark 11. Serbia 12. France 13. Norway 14. Ireland 15. Cyprus 16. Portugal 17. Albania 18. Romania 19. Spain 20. Moldova 21. Bosnia-Herzegowina 22...
  10. DEUTSCHLAND - Germany 2010 - Lena - Satellite

    I´m very exciting about the votes of tomorrow. But it doesn´t matter which place she gets at the end. Her success is big enough all over Europe.... :D
  11. Eurovision song contest 2010 - Second semi-final DISCUSSION

    I can´t understand why Croatia didn´t reach the final. It makes me really sad :(
  12. SUISSE - Switzerland-Michael von der Heide - Il pleut de l'or

    Re: SUISSE - Switzerland-Michael von der Heide- Il pleut de l'or Good luck, Switzerland. With best regards from Germany!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
  13. DEUTSCHLAND - Germany 2010 - Lena - Satellite

    Berlin 2011 sounds good. But i think, the most of Germans would be very lucky, if she would reach TOP10.
  14. DEUTSCHLAND - Germany 2010 - Lena - Satellite

    Yes, you are right. But i have a good feeling about the juries. :D
  15. DEUTSCHLAND - Germany 2010 - Lena - Satellite

    So you have to vote on Saturday for Germany, Wittgenstein. :D Then the unbelievable can happen.
  16. DEUTSCHLAND - Germany 2010 - Lena - Satellite

    Yes, that´s the fact. I often didn´t know why the audiance had decided like they did. The songs had often been boring. Since Texas Lightning there hadn´t been such an hype about a ESC-song in Germany. I think, the song is a normal popsong, but Lena seems a little bit the girl from neighbourhood...
  17. DEUTSCHLAND - Germany 2010 - Lena - Satellite

    That´s the first time since many years that Germany has a song, that is really mainstream. The last few years there had been special songs which the viewers didn´t like. So i´m very exciting about the result on Saturday. It could be top or it could be flop - who knows.
  18. DEUTSCHLAND - Germany 2010 - Lena - Satellite

    So whats about the song from Aserbaidschan or from France. They are also nothing special - i like them, but these are also mainstreamsongs.
  19. БЕЛАРУСЬ - Belarus 2010 - 3+2 - Butterflies

    Re: ???????? - Belarus 2010 - 3+2 - Butterflies I like this song from the first time i heart it. :P
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