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  1. LalehForWD

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    Sure, but there's also a large reluctance to participate in Melodifestivalen among serious professionals or simply the fact their work doesn't fit the format at all. For example, Laleh is a fairly successful songwriter and I'm pretty sure she will never consider participating at least not as an...
  2. LalehForWD

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    Oh to me the anti-vote was so painfully obvious I got that feeling "gaaah, what the hell am I doing here among these f*ckn' people". It was an ugly face of resentment and rejection I hope I never see again in Melodifestivalen. The rule of belittling mediocrity and the fancy of the familiar over...
  3. LalehForWD

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    Well, I don't know, we have had only glimpses of info coming out of the process of song selection. I think there is a huge influence from the big record companies - say Warner Sweden, probably a couple of more or less free guaranteed spots to each of them. A tradition I think goes way back to...
  4. LalehForWD

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    A-lister, you've been stating there's "cronyism and corruption" or something alike in Melodifestivalen for 8 years now. Is it an opinion you have? Or a hunch you have? Or do you have some solid evidence corruption is actually the case? To me it kind of fall flat as critique. Over the years there...
  5. LalehForWD

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    Actually no, :o:)xrose I wouldn't want Laleh to enter the Melodifestivalen drama. She's busy making her a place as a producer/songwriter in Los Angeles, extremely goal-oriented and serious. I wish her all well and success and none of the awkwardness she would feel participating in...
  6. LalehForWD

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    Erik Hassle would be fab as well
  7. LalehForWD

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    Fluke always intersting to see some fresh ideas Dirty Loops ft Maja Keuc - OR - Maja Keuc ft Dirty Loops :lol: My tip for 2020 is we'll finally get Linda Pira with a smash hit på svenska and if I dream a little: GRANT or Ji Nilsson
  8. LalehForWD

    Increase image link buffer

    Images taken from newspapers often contain several IDs, often in form of 128-bit UUIDs. These image-links typically doesn't fit the buffer given to the forum IMG keyword and are truncated in a weird way. Please increase the buffer to at least 256 chars Ex: Here's a link to a picture in...
  9. LalehForWD

    Cantique de Noël, Minuit, Chrétiens, O helga natt

    Cantique de Noël or apparently more common Minuit, Chrétiens, to Scandinavians known as O helga natt or Adams julsång. Music written by Adolphe Adam 1847 with a text by Placide Cappeau. A French Christian Christmas song which is the absolute necessary finale on every Swedish Christmas concert...
  10. LalehForWD

    Why on earth is the title "?????? Think Tank"?????

    Why on earth is the title "?????? Think Tank"? Think Tank? Seriously, are the admins by this in some way questioning the outcome and winner of Eurovision? As far as I remember the new winner and new host country used to very quickly be reflected on the site. Please don't say we are to expect a...
  11. LalehForWD

    Robots - good or bad, the way we love them

    Robots are fascinating, especially when trying to imitate humans (which is when its good, pretty amazing acting). Post your favourite robots!
  12. LalehForWD

    Like to be Melodifestivalen trainee?

    Gustav Dahlander tweet October 7 (click image) Translation: Melodifestivalen searches trainee! Are you a student, free during spring 2014 and want to join the tour? Email CV to [email protected] Comment: I don't know if it's open to non-Swedish, but at least I think it's not closed. Gustav...
  13. LalehForWD

    European commission report: Western Balkans and Turkey Media and Freedom of Expression

    Found this report whilst searching for something else. I think it's a relevant and interesting reading for the forum (if someone feels up to it :D), as a background to Eurovision perception in the area and opinions in EU. Western Balkans and Turkey Media and Freedom of Expression Fact-finding...
  14. LalehForWD

    Time to remove the Eurovision subforum?

    Is it time to remove the ESC XXXX - Song, Artist, NF Discussions-subforum and the country ESC threads? During the little bit over a year since I join the forum, the number of active posters in this section can be counted on one hand, sometimes up to ten perhaps. None of which have any mutual...
  15. LalehForWD

    General sticky political thread/Quick "What's going on in your country?" political version

    Sometimes it makes sense to create a thread for a subject, sometimes you just want a shout out for some event/news which just happened or an idea you just came up with. As it is now the risk is big either the thread will be a failure or the topic will not be brought up at all. Most posts in...
  16. LalehForWD

    14th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Moscow 2013

    14th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Moscow 2013 (click logo for IAAF official site) Luzhniki stadium, Moscow
  17. LalehForWD

    Transfer poll ownership to admin - possible?

    Is it possible to transfer ownership of the poll-part of a thread and making the poll-result confidential? I have no interest of knowing the details behind the result and I rather prefer to have out of my hands. If so, could it be marked confidential as well? Thread to transfer ownership.
  18. LalehForWD

    Help Petra Mede and Eurovision to win prestigious TV prize

    Petra Mede hosting Eurovision song contest Kristallen TV prize Eurovision song contest is nominated in the category Årets program (Program of the year) and Petra Mede is nominated as Bästa kvinnliga programledare (Best female presenter). The other nominations Bästa manliga programledare (Best...
  19. LalehForWD

    Shameless heavy pop, schlager metal, sellouts, cheesy rock - bring your favourite

    Sharon den Adel, Within Temptation xheart Metal hits There are a number of very popular bands that recurrent receive terrible reviews for being pop or commercial sellouts and are immediately rejected by pop fans as "yikes metal - puke". Finally, here these outcasts have a place where they can...
  20. LalehForWD

    UEFA Women's Euro 2013 - 11th European national football Championship

    UEFA Women's Euro 2013 logo (click image for wiki info) UEFA Women's Euro 2013 @
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