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  1. aef

    2021 results with old voting system

    I couldn’t find this topic anywhere, here you can find the 2021 results in the pre-2016 voting system. It would have been a very exciting voting segment anyway, ::fr would have won by only 1 point ahead of ::it!
  2. aef

    Preview shows 2018

    Let's open this traditional thread for this years national Eurovision preview shows! For example yesterday the first ARD "song check" was released: They reviewed the songs of the first half of semi 1. I haven't watched it yet so maybe someone else could give us the ranking! So let's do this...
  3. aef

    Your most played tracks of the 2018 Season (+previous years)

    The idea for this thread came up in the ::sl thread so I hope it's ok to start it now tuorem ;) :) The question is quite simple? What is your current top 3 in your personal playlist of 2018 Eurovision songs? You can also post the songs of previous editions if you want and if you remember...
  4. aef

    Fanwanks 2018

    I'd like to open this new thread as a counterpart to the thread "Dark Horse 2018"! The most important difference to the Katy Ryan thread: It's not about qualification or not, it's more about really disappointing results! So here are my guesses: ::ee is 100% overrated! This screams borderline...
  5. aef

    FBE reaction to Eurovision 2017

    This topic deserves its own thread! xheat Last year they did a general reaction video on Eurovision, this year the reacted on the 2017 edition. Best part: "Many people want the ::us to participate in Eurovision" :lol:
  6. aef

    2015 vs 2016 - STAGING

    As the title already says, this thread is for your 2015 vs 2016 ranking concerning the staging, NOT the song! I know it's hard right now to make any judgements with having only the short clips of this years rehearsals but we can start the thread now and expand it later on... :) First...
  7. aef

    National juries

    I couldn't find it anywhere else: So many well-known artists again in the German jury... :) Marjetka in the Slovenian jury! xlove I hope I'll like her taste...
  8. aef

    Good old times? - Types of songs I miss this year

    I'm certainly not that kind of person who lives in the past but of course I somehow like thinking back when it comes to Eurovision... During the past years the contest definitely reached a higher musical level but I really miss(ed) some typical Eurovision songs this year and also 2013-2014! I'm...
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