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    NSC Spinoffs: Information | Suggest

    Go ahead ;) Have fun.
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    NSC 193 Final Resluts | Thursday 20:00 CET

    Thank you to dogfood for that very Rumian (messy and chaotic) edition, it was refreshing to have a Youtube show for a change. :) Good job of taking the hosting reins at short notice, by the way. Congratulations on your victory Mr. Big Cat :giggle: Very impressive score, to say the least...
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    How do you feel?

    Don't mention it @Gera11 Thank you for sharing your account. :) First of all, I am so sorry that you are going through stress and doubt right now: competitive exams are - in themselves - a test structure-wise because they require a mindset that should adapt to conditions that are not those found...
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    How do you feel?

    Congratulations @AshleyWright xcheer May the divine Natalie Horler guide you on your way to owning who you are. Your mum probably was as worried about you keeping it to yourself than you about telling her. It will undoubtedly strengthen your ties because it takes trust to show such a vulnerable...
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    Your favourite song from each country 2004-2014

    Time for a lil' update to add the last two editions (2009-2021): :al: Rona Nishliu - Suus :ad: Susanne Georgi - La Teva Decisió (Get A Life) :am: Athena Manoukian - Chains On You :au: Kate Miller-Heidke - Zero Gravity :at: Conchita Wurst - Rise Like A Phoenix :az: Dilara Kazimova - Start A Fire...
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    Current Member Roster & How to join the Waiting List

    As far as I'm concerned, the instant reintegration of past members through joint participation should be prohibited: yes there is nothing in the rules to prevent such things from happening as of now, but it coming across as irreverent to WListers should be enough to settle this issue. It is like...
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    Poll: Your favourite "I'm sorry, zero point" song

    I mentioned it in my post too before removing it... :LOL: I forgot it was a victim of the weird calculation system. In hindsight, Ann Sophie had the royal treatment: firstly she was the default choice in the NF due to the Kümmertgate, and then she ended up with zero points despite getting...
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    Things you didn´t like about ESC 2021??

    I know, it's the pest in me showing through (Tom Leeb-style). I personally could not stand him and his song, ever. But that was harsh, I agree. Sorry about that. But don't let my basic-hater negative energy bring you down: he won the contest, so I'm in the minority. ;)
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    Things you didn´t like about ESC 2021??

    Nice topic @ESC94 xupI always like when someone gives me an opportunity to rant. :lol: I agree with what most of you guys said: -The presenters were okay, but four people was unnecessary indeed. It was Austria 2015 all over again. Nikkie could have dealt with the whole thing as the main...
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    Spain SPAIN 2022

    I cannot wait for our neighbours to pick the fishmonger from around the corner with a G:son demo that would make the fandom regret "The Pest In Me". Since 2015, the Spaniards got every place below 20 except for 25. Next goal maybe? Seriously though, I wish TVE's ill-advised choices would come...
  11. tuorem

    False Friends

    This thread reminds me of an English teacher I had when I was in secondary school. She once told that she never set foot in French bakeries because there was the word "pain" written on the shopfronts... ("pain" means "bread" in French, but apparently she was afraid it would cause her pain...
  12. tuorem

    Poll: Your favourite "I'm sorry, zero point" song

    This selection is flawed since @ESC94 and @Iker 's favourite song of all time is missing: show some respect to "Breathlessly" please :sneaky: Out of the list, I really liked "I Stand" so I'd say :cz: 2016 deserved at least some points from televoters (since I knew it would never hijack the...
  13. tuorem

    Will there be a change in the voting system?

    The 2013-2015 system was ditched because - due to the weird calculation system the EBU had cooked up at the time - some nations ended up receiving few points (or zero) despite scoring decently in one of the rankings. Not to mention juries could mark down songs when ranking all entries and thus...
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    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2022

    If there has to be returnees, I say Lina can come back when she grows a personality, she is a good singer but that Ariana fantasy was not the deal imo. Maja? Imagine how tired I am tbh. "No One" will remain one my Slovenian highlights but I'm fed up with her potential comeback teasing that was...
  15. tuorem

    NSC 193 Semi Results Sunday 20:00 CET

    Congrats to all the qualifiers and thank you to the glorious trailblazers who looked towards the future and embraced our entry. Getting douze points from ::tan just made my day, that was super unexpected. Obrigado sis @anaraqueen xheart I got confused with these results where some nations...
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