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  • Muy bien :D

    Updating my NSC country thread & gonna prepare a big ESC BB update this weekend
    Yep, and there is a movie, too. Actually I never sapport that using sexual contents for more marketing. But today, almost every singers do it in their works. Almost all official videos about sex; especially Lady Gaga (Don't think I don't like Lady Gaga; I love her songs, but I can't like her official videos). So Rihanna uses this method, too. Standing almost naked; more viewers, more fans?? There is no respect to art, to music. I wish Rihanna and some singers wouldn't do like that. They just splotch the music art. And, Rihanna does NOT need to do it, already. But anyway, no one can say it is not; she is totally HOT! :mrgreen:
    PS Sorry for answering lately, I just arrived to home.
    Otherwise its unfair for other people now i can also 2 times voting??? or 3 ? in a page:S
    Ave he say VOTE 1 per page OR 1 is eliminated. You know that your score must deleted. And now new ranking..
    Trece why you vote 2 times? In the eliminated contest in page 11 no one is eliminated hmm.. I think your votes must deleted.
    Until the song "Where have you been", I always said "Rihanna can not write a song like 'Only girl' or 'Don't stop the music' again. She is not as good as she used to be about her career". But since middle of Nov, Rihanna is living for me again! And thank god on 1st of May she released her official video for this song! xkiss My heart is beating for Rihanna! Happy to see a Rihanna fan like me on this forum :D
    Had a busy day, so tired :lol: after I'll post ESC BB results & open the guessing game for a twist, I think that I'm gonna watch sth. and then gonna sleep, I wanna relax at least a bit :D
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