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  1. Top 10 most listened-to artists

    Thank you for Steps! I'm not quite so big on Something in Your Eyes as What the Future Holds but it's still a grower!
  2. My international music chart (top 40 every week) OFF:Arashi-Kite 40.:ua::ru: Max Barskih-Imena[▼1] 39.:rs: Hurricane-Want ya[▼3] 38.:cn: Cheng Xiang-Four Seasons with you[=] 37.:pl: Neony-The Ride(Polska Wersja)[=] 36.:co: Karol G-Bichota[▼1] 35.:za: Nomcebo Zikode/Master KG-Jerusalema[▼1] 34.:lv...
  3. Eurovision Confessions

    I suppose I'm rarely in the mood to play Eurovision to people anyway lol! As for Say Na Na Na though I actually found it a big improvement over I Didn't Know and thought I may have been initially harsh so make of that what you will!
  4. Eurovision Confessions

    The thing for me is, I'm genuinely not embarassed to like I love Belarus, I think it's only right that if you do actually like a song then that should still be the most important factor as opposed to something like staging or performance and things like that!
  5. Eurovision Confessions

    I can't hate Bulgaria 2010 too much tbh, I'd have it between 11th and last in final in all fairness. ...Which led me to remember on the other hand, I never got why people seemed to somehow hate Russia 2018 more than for example Russia 2010, they had sent worse before 2018 and to me the results...
  6. My international music chart (top 40 every week) OFF:Mari Mathias-Y Goleuni,Psychic Lover-Kiramei Action 40.:jp: Arashi-Kite[NEW] 39.:ua::ru: Max Barskih-Imena[NEW] 38.:cn: Cheng Xiang-Four Seasons with you[▲1] 37.:pl: Neony-The Ride(Polska Wersja)[▲1] 36.:rs: Hurricane-Want ya[=] 35.:co: Karol...
  7. Your Top 1-5 Favourite ESC entries for Every Year

    Part 3: 1997-1980 1997:1. :tr: 2. :se: 3. :hu: 4. :ee: 5. :ie: 1996:1. :uk: 2. :ee: 3. :pl: 4. :pt: 5. :fr: 1995:1. :es: 2. :uk: 3. :sl: 4. :se: 5. :pl: 1994:1. :ru: 2. :pl: 3. :de: 4. :hu: 5. :pt: 1993:1. :ie: 2. :gr: 3. :ba: 4. :pt: 5. :ch: 1992:1. :il: 2. :ie: 3. :lu: 4. :it: 5. :is: 1991:1...
  8. Worst UK entries?

    My least favourite for 1956-2003 is, well, 2003 (lol) and my least favourite of 2004 onwards is 2006. I do think there can be a bit of a bandwagon of overrating 20th century entries and underrating newer ones though, like I never got why Rock Bottom came 2nd!
  9. Your Top 1-5 Favourite ESC entries for Every Year

    Part 2: 2009-1998 2009:1. :gr: 2. :by: 3. :fi: 4. :ch: 5. :ie: 2008:1. :is: 2. :rs: 3. :tr: 4. :am: 5. :ad: 2007:1. :mk: 2. :md: 3. :cy: 4. :ge: 5. :sl: 2006:1. :ro: 2. :no: 3. :ba: 4. :lt: 5. :ru: 2005:1. :il: 2. :ro: 3. :uk: 4. :hu: 5. :mk: 2004:1. :ad: 2. :ee: 3. :mt: 4. :il: 5. :be: 2003:1...
  10. Your Top 1-5 Favourite ESC entries for Every Year

    I might just start again with this but in reverse order from 2021, I may have posted them loads of times but I'll do it anyway! Part 1:20s and 10s 2021:1. :fr: 2. :ie: 3. :lv: 4. :se: 5. :md: 2020:1. :lv: 2. :ua: 3.:rs: 4. :ch: 5. :hr: 2019:1. :pl: 2. :fi: 3. :ru: 4. :hu: 5. :hr: 2018:1. :rs...
  11. Returning to 2022...

    I don't WANT any countries to withdraw, especially not like the UK or Poland lol although I do believe a split UK would be more representative of our actual landmass.
  12. Describe all 2021 Eurovision entries with one word / term!

    This does seem to be a bit of a negative and oversimplified/too common opinions for me sort of topic but I have technically considered doing the same thing so I’ll attempt it though I tend to prefer to do a kind of ‘’geographical order’’ or order by debuts/winning and can’t really do a word for...
  13. Eurovision Confessions

    I think it does get the guilty pleasure award from me at least although I can see why people wouldn't like the actual singer!
  14. Eurovision Confessions

    Oh no, is even that an unpopular opinion?! I prefer Hasta la Vista as well!
  15. Top 10 most listened-to artists

    Top artists on my chart of March 2021 1.:fr: Barbara Pravi 2.:ie: Lesley Roy 3.Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union 4.:de: :se: ATB/Topic/A7S 5.:jp: NHK Project 6.:lv: Samanta Tina 7.:wale: Various Artists 8.:se: Tusse 9.:jp: Takashi Deguchi 10.:jp: Utada Hikaru
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