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Trophies awarded to theditz83

  1. 80

    I can feel the Spirits in the Sky

    With 25,000 Posts, you are one of the biggest contributors in this community and it does not go by unnoticed.
  2. 70

    More than a Fairytale

    20000 Posts is beyond amazing, thank you for all your support.
  3. 20

    Let's discoteque right at your home

    13 years with ESC United, can't believe that this would even be possible, remember when we were young?
  4. 150

    Don't put your middle fingers up - 10 000 Reactions

    For receiving 10 000 reactions to your post.
  5. 20

    How does it keep getting better?

    12 Year Mark as a registered member......Everyday our love finds a new way to grow
  6. 11

    U.K. 2022 CHAMPION

    For being a strong contributor when it comes to the U.K. this year. Thank you for being such a great member!
  7. 49


    Your reaction score to messages ratio is at least 0.5
  8. 140

    Yodel it

    7000 Reaction milestone
  9. 60

    Keep Rising like a Phoenix

    Congratulations on a another milestone. 15000 posts.
  10. 130

    Ja Ja Ding Dong

    6000 Reactions milestone
  11. 10

    Malta 2021 contributor

    Thank you for being an active member in the Malta 2021 thread
  12. 10

    Azerbaijan 2021 Contributor

    Thank you for being contributor in the Azerbaijan 2021 thread
  13. 11

    2021 Ranking Contributor

    For being a frequent contributor to the Ranking Game. Thank you so much.
  14. 10

    Sweden 2021 contributor

    Thank you for being a contributor in the Sweden 2021 thread
  15. 120

    Na-na-nothing can stop you, you're a Supergirl...or man.

    5000 Reactions milestone
  16. 10

    Serbia 2021 contributor

    Thank you for being an active member in the Serbia 2021 thread
  17. 10

    Russia 2021 contributor

    For being an active member in the Russia 2021 forum section
  18. 10

    San Marino 2021 contributor

    For being an active member in the San Marino 2021 forum section
  19. 10

    U.K. 2021 Contributor

    Thank you for being a contributor in the United Kingdom 2021 thread
  20. 10

    Croatia 2021 contributor

    For being an active member in the Croatia 2021 forum section
  21. 20

    I'll never give up on you

    11 years with ESC United....and counting.
  22. 10

    Norway 2021 Contributor

    Thank you for being a contributor in the Norway 2021 thread
  23. 23

    You are NOT in Double Trouble

    Your reaction score to messages ratio is at least 0.25
  24. 5

    NSC Member Award

    Thank you for being a member of the NSC community.
  25. 30

    INSIEME....Unite Unite Europe

    100 Chat Comments milestone
  26. 25

    I can, I will, I know, I can

    50 Chat comments milestone
  27. 10

    Do you wanna play cybersex again

    10 chat messages milestone
  28. 100

    The heat is getting are on fire.

    3000 Reaction points milestone.
  29. 90

    I feel Aliiiiiiiive

    Cause you have just hit the 2000 Reacations milestone. This is amazing!!!!!
  30. 80

    You will be popular, you will be popular

    Actually you already kind are. 1750 Reactions to your posts definitely is proof of that.
  31. 70

    Goodbye to Yesterday - Hello to 1500 Reactions

    Keep up the great work! 1500 reactions to your posts.
  32. 60

    Hard Rock Hallelujah!

    Oh my Lord(i), 1250 Reactions to your posts, nice.
  33. 50

    Love, oh, love, I gotta tell you how I feel about you

    I feel good about you. 1000 Reactions to your posts, so you are definitely leaving a mark.
  34. 40

    Freeze the arrow in the air

    750 people reacted to your posts taking you to Higher Ground.
  35. 50

    Heroes of our time

    10000 posts is a major milestone, we are so glad that you are part of our community.
  36. 30

    You're gonna get that rhythm back

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 positive reactions.
  37. 5

    Happy Birthday to you

    Hope it's a good one.
  38. 20

    I'm Dancing in the Rain

    You joined us a decade ago, let that sink in.
  39. 20

    Wonder Woman don't you ever forget that you're divine!

    Your content has been positively reacted to 250 times.
  40. 15

    These bones go deep inside your soul

    Content you have posted has attracted a positive reaction score of 100.
  41. 13

    More than a Small-town boy in a big arcade

    You have received 50 Reactions to your post, thumbs up from us.
  42. 10

    Ain't Nobody but you....getting this trophy

    Your messages have been positively reacted to 25 times.
  43. 5

    Avatar used

    You used an avatar. Yes, there is a trophy for that.
  44. 15

    You've got something to Believe in

    It was nine years ago when you first registered with us, can you believe it?
  45. 15

    Invincible – one love supreme

    8 years with ESC United, we are family now.
  46. 15

    More than Only Teardrops

    This is your trophy for sticking with us for seven years. Wow!
  47. 10

    Party for Everybody...Dance

    You joined our community six years ago, time flies.
  48. 10

    You are Not Running Scared

    You joined ESC United 5 years ago, that's half a
  49. 10

    Is it true? (Yes, it is)

    Congratulations on your 4-year anniversary here.
  50. 10

    Take me to your (Eurovision) heaven

    Happy Anniversary from ESC United, you have been with us for three years now.
  51. 10

    Rock My Baby

    You have been with ESC United for two years. Happy Anniversary.
  52. 10

    What's Another Year?

    You joined ESC United a year ago, this Trophy shall be yours.
  53. 5


    It's been six months since you've joined our community. So far, so good, huh?
  54. 5

    Eins, Zwei, Drei TANZEN

    You have been with ESC United for three months, please never leave us.
  55. 2

    You're My Number 1

    You registered a week ago. We hope you like it here, we sure love having you.
  56. 5

    Grande Amore

    You have been with ESC United for a month now, hope you'll stick around even longer.
  57. 40

    Euphoria at ESC United

    Loreen would be proud. 5000 Posts, what an accomplishment, keep it up.
  58. 20

    Hey mamma, hey mamma, hey mamma ma

    500 Posts, thank you so much for your contribution.
  59. 2

    Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Je vais bien, merci

    Somebody out there reacted positively to one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!
  60. 30

    Thunder 'n' lightning it's gettin' excitin'

    1,000 messages? Impressive!
  61. 10

    I can feel Zero Gravity

    You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day!
  62. 5

    Thanks to you I'm proud

    30 messages posted. You must like it here!
  63. 1

    Say Na Na Na - Your First message

    Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.
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