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  • Go ahead and accept them! :) I've just been so busy this past week that I haven't been able to find the time to update the WL. Oh and could I have a list of all the non-voters, please? Semis, final and WL.
    Ah, so you're the reason why I've been giving so many high points to Aimulli recently? :lol: Great entries! :D Thank you so much for all the 12s. xlove
    Aw nice! :D Congrats on such excellent taste in music! :lol: xheart At first I was like... why don't you join NSC then, but then I realized you're Aimulli! :lol: Is there more than one person playing for Aimulli? Or are you and LeBomb the same person? xthink
    Haha, yeah it does actually. :D Nightwish is my number one favorite band. xheart And you're not bothering me at all. :)
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