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    Samples in Eurovision songs...

    ...aren't songs allowed to be 100% original or something? Geraldine's 1975 entry 'Toi' for Luxembourg has a blatant sample/sounds very similar to 'Ave Maria' and yet it went on without any problems. I seem to recall Spain playing 'Old McDonald' too in 2008. Aren't those breaking the rules...
  2. Terence

    Preview video clips

    I didn't find any topic about this, so what are your favourite preview videos from 2013? I'm not counting videos from ::il, ::se etc where the live performance is featured. ::ch is fun, and keeps you watching!! ::gr is probably the best one, although as I said before, THAT OLD MAN IS CREEPY...
  3. Terence

    Hawn xi Malti hawn??

    Saħħa! (just realized there's no topic in Maltese, and there's one in imaginary language :lol: ... most probably I'll be talking to myself anyway)
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