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    🌾 WV BOWIE 124 🌾 SEMI FINAL 2 | DEADLINE: 25th May | 20:00CEST (Votes to AshleyWright)

    Congratulations to qualifiers. xcheer We saw this flop coming for :vn:, the draw after :ba: was too unlucky as people were looking for their wigs and couldn’t pay attention : (
  2. SaladBreak

    Lauii's Runway | Đường băng Việt Nam

    Teaser for the first Vietnamese entry in Orient Matsuri is out! Share it or shade it on social media using #VietnamMatsuri
  3. SaladBreak

    FSC #136 June 2020: Song Submissions [DDL: 29.05.2020, 23:59 CET]

    :hr: entry is in our private forum.
  4. SaladBreak

    FSC #135 - May 2020 [Girona, Spain] THE SHOW!

    :hr: votes are in our private forum, just in case if the mention didn't work
  5. SaladBreak

    OM 01 ❂ Send your entry

    YES. Both in emojis and in settings to put them next to avatars iotap
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    Orient Express: Jury Switching

    Switches are possible only during the entry submission period. So if they are switching to an occupied country, they will have to announce it during the entry submission period of an edition before the one they want to switch in.
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    Lauii's Runway | Đường băng Việt Nam

    Chào mừng bạn! Take a seat and enjoy the new trends arriving on this runway. Edition Country Result
  8. SaladBreak

    Orient Express: Jury Switching

    It's not a reservation, but more of a notice to the player who has that country, so they have an edition time to look for a new country.
  9. SaladBreak

    OM: Participation Thread

    Username: SaladBreak Country: :vn: Vietnam
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    Live NSC 181 in Ögonblick, Sundfør | Final Elimination Round | Deadline: May 29th, 23:59 CEST

    “What you can do today, don’t leave for tomorrow. “ - someone wise That said, I haven’t voted yet and I usually vote a day or two before the deadline.
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    NSC 181 in Ögonblick, Sundfør | Fighting For Your Life | May 21st, 21:00 CEST

    In the same swamp as Bigicia, there's already fighting xheat
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    [POLL] What should the contest's name be?

    The number of voters has gotten really close to the number of participants planned xheat #keepvoting
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