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    Sweden SWEDEN 2021

    Just read that Benjamin and Felix will perform tomorrow as Intevalacts.
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    Already -4 Places down in the Odds after 1 Day. Reminds me of Trashster Peony, who fell 31 Places during the whole Season.
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    Sweden SWEDEN 2021

    Anyway... Every swedish person here, please vote for Ewa Roos and Eva Rydberg on Saturday :cry:
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    Norway NORWAY 2021 - TIX - Fallen Angel

    Didnt know that Ulrikke is that good in Uptempo-Songs.
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    Belgium BELGIUM 2021 - Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place

    My favourite Song today. Who would have thought? 8/12
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    Moldova MOLDOVA 2021 - Natalia Gordienko - Sugar

    With a good Performer maybe. But with Nathalia its probably a 15th Place in the Final. About the Song: Dont know, expected more from the Dreamteam somehow. I give only 6/12.
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    The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2021 - Jeangu Macrooy - Birth of a New Age

    No Instant-Appeal, no Universal-Appeal, no memorable Melody, no powerful Chorus, no explosive Final. 1 Point for Participating.
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    But being irrelevant and successless is cooler?
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    Not bad, but the Song screams 12th Place in the Semi. 1 Final in 6 Years, who would have thought? Romania should focus on the Televoter again, like earlier.
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    Classic Elimination Game: Melodifestivalen 2021

    Safe: Kadiatou – One Touch WAHL feat. SAMI – 90-talet Elisa – Den du är Charlotte Perrelli – Still Young Eric Saade – Every Minute The Mamas - In the Middle Frida Green – The Silence Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – Rena rama ding dong Lovad – Allting är precis lidakant Tess Merkel – Good Life Clara...
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    Apparently her ESC-Song "Amnesia" leaked.
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    Albania ALBANIA 2021 - Anxhela Peristeri - Karma

    What an overproduced Nonsense. 1 Point.
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    Sweden SWEDEN 2021

    There is still the possibility of Antivoting unfortunately.
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    Sweden SWEDEN 2021

    Betting Odds for Andra Chansen: Alvaro Estrella 54/46 Lillasyster Paul Rey 60/40 Frida Green Clara Klingenström 59/41 Eva & Ewa (wth?) Efraim Leo 55/45 Klara Hammarström
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