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  • I think the best solution could be uploading each scoreboard one at a time (or at least to do it with the last scoreboards), there's nothing wrong and many people did that (so did I many times lol), you're doing a great job so no worries. :D
    Hi, sorry any idea what that was with my "votes", was it a mistake or did someone really try to fake my votes? :)
    Hi Kylie, can you confirm the REJU collectors for the NSC semis or if you collect the REJU votes yourself as well? I offered to collect REJU for semi 1 and some people have already sent me their votes, so not sure if they should keep sending them to me or to you. Thanks
    Hey Kylie,

    Justin Bieber is not what I sent to NSC. Please change my entry to the correct one!

    Thanks, Alex. :)
    Hai Kylie, could you send me excel file with all the confirmed entries and draw after the deadline for mp3 database? ^^
    hello, please send your votes for the final of NSC 107 to me until today 23:59PM CET the latest. :)
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