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  1. Spain SPAIN 2023

    Yesssssssssss Spain delivering once again. Names are very promising. Spain my personal winner of Eurovision song contest 2022 and I hope they will win ESC 2023.
  2. EUROVISION 2023 - General Discussion thread

    The least amount of participating countries since 2014. :oops::oops: fascinating... So many withdraws this year, I mean for 2023.
  3. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    I'm talking about YouTube videos, official Grand Final videos. I think I was very clear about that. Latin America, I'm pretty sure that 90% of them don't even know about Eurovision and have never even heard about it. They have their own shows. Ukraine 40+ mil people + winning ESC song. Everyone...
  4. EUROVISION 2023 - General Discussion thread

    The least amount of participants in q recent history but i kinda like it. The show won't drag for too much and take too much time and i hope gb hosts won't fill the gap with interval acts. I don't like interval acts. Probably not the only one who thinks the same.
  5. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    Hi sweetheart. Have you checked YouTube recently?? YouTube says you are wrong. And for the first time ever after loooong long loooong time in the history of Eurovision Song Contest non winning ESC song Spain has more YouTube views than a winning song Ukraine in the grand final. :eek:o_Oxshock...
  6. Italy ITALY 2023

    Europe gave Italy win at Eurovision. What does Italy give Europe in return? A chaotic 22 esc organisation and Meloni as prime minister. What I've read about melonis stance on LGBT, human rights but especially LGBT is appalling and shocking. I don't where is Mahmoud or maneskin to condemn it...
  7. Serbia SERBIA 2023

    In 2006 she participated in beovizija with her biggest hit romale, romali. Ana nikolic, romani Serbian singer who has problems with addictions and accusations of plagiarism is today strong ANTI LGBT person. We will never again see her at beovizija.
  8. Ukraine UKRAINE 2023

    Everyone got crazy with posting on this thread because organisers announced we will have to wait for 4 months, end of the year. Now is the August for the songs to be revealed. That's quite a long time. xwait:sleep: tbh. I'm pretty sure someone else will reveal their song before Ukraine. If you...
  9. Ukraine UKRAINE 2023

    My personal taste is neither stefania nor Goa's song even though they did well in Eurovision. That's why they are not in my top 5 of Ukraine. My top 5 of Ukraine would be definitely verka serduchka, Tina Karol show me your love, loboda and be my valentine, was shady lady also from Ukraine? and...
  10. Ukraine UKRAINE 2023

    Well, we already have Israeli representative. How do you know that it will come before Albanian fik, they both in same month. Also, there was this year Bulgaria who announced song surprisingly early even before Albania. So when you don't know the exact dates, you can't claim that. Besides, I'm...
  11. Ukraine UKRAINE 2023

    ??? :(:oops: Ignoring Eurovision rules?? Sorry what do you even mean. Imaging every other country doing the same - ignoring Eurovision rules. Rules are there for reason. I think you weren't serious with your statement??
  12. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    I found new contradictions in your posts. This time 2 contradictions in your posts. Well if I said surpassed not once but twice and even said number's for esp song will only go higher because of the reasons I've explained in previous post then that's not called backpedaling. Quite the contrary...
  13. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    Like I said non winning Eurovision song and winning Eurovision song have same amount of YouTube views. Talking about grand final ofc, not spots and other adjacent videos. When did that ever happen? I don't remember. It seems others don't remember it as well and those numbers will only go higher...
  14. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    When someone reads my post carefully would understand that I wrote grand final views, YouTube views in the grand final of Eurovision. I don't know how can anyone misunderstand it. Also there are numbers behind coma and 23 and people who have yt app clearly see it and those numbers will only go...
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