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  • Hi...;) I am fine, more-less. I just watched the ooooold movie (When Harry met Sally)....Meg Ryan, Bill Chrystal...well....blah blah...old, romantic movie, what else to is only good that it is possible to see how the people 20 years ago looked like, what they wore etc....but let's go back to the real life...
    I am glad to hear you are you are hoping to go to the job tomorrow I suppose?
    My little nephew also was a little bit sick those days (2,5 years old, he lives in Zagreb - my brother's son). Now he is waiting for a sister (should be born in April, so I ll become an uncle for a 2nd time;) ). He is ok now, just a small high temperature, Thursday he ll probably go to the kindergarten again:).
    Hello peter Pan:) Now i really hope that you won't be mad at me after seeing this and that you won't shout at me and we can stay friends. I have read that the United Kingdom is prearing to allow the gay marriages to be formed in church shape. I also have seen your reaction there. Well as a catholic, I am not a fan of gay weddings and marriages in church shape at all. It is the fact that the family is in a big crisis today (family as an institution i mean) and the gay couples cannot have their own children ( I mean it is fact).I know that the gay marriages are alerady allowed in The Netherlands and Canada, but my opinion is that it is way to early for it to become usual. I am NOT against any rights, of amy groups and orienataions, but it is speciaific when it comes to the marriage question. I reckon, this is my opinion and I hope I won't be misunderstood by your side.
    hello my german friend:)

    Did you see my new album here? I added it just a few days ago. I hope you will like it. Btw, do you have a profile on facebook? Maybe you could add me there too.


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