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    American Song Contest

    Time to submit your songs :D
  2. nunaney

    San Marino SAN MARINO 2021 - Senhit ft. Flo Rida - Adrenalina

    What did he say? Does he even know what Eurovision is?
  3. nunaney

    Georgia GEORGIA 2021 - Tornike Kipiani - You

    He should have channeled that aggression into a song, like Blind Channel did :D
  4. nunaney

    Georgia GEORGIA 2021 - Tornike Kipiani - You

    If you could get disqualified just for being rude, then they'd have to disqualify a lot of people.
  5. nunaney

    Georgia GEORGIA 2021 - Tornike Kipiani - You

    I think he's just trying to be funny and some fans are taking it way too seriously. But someone in the Georgian delegation had better tell him to stop.
  6. nunaney

    Georgia GEORGIA 2021 - Tornike Kipiani - You

    It's a lovely song. We needed something like this in such an uptempo year. I just wish the song was longer and not in English.
  7. nunaney

    Latvia LATVIA 2021 - Samanta Tīna - The Moon Is Rising

    I think I'm going to be one of the 10% in the second category. I didn't like Still Breathing but I've liked what I've heard of The Moon is Rising so far.
  8. nunaney

    Poland POLAND 2021 - RAFAŁ - The Ride

    It's kind of catchy. I hope they make the staging like the music video.
  9. nunaney

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2021 - Vasil - Here I Stand

    You'd better start stanning this so you don't have to kick him out of your signature :D
  10. nunaney

    Bulgaria BULGARIA 2021 - VICTORIA - Growing Up Is Getting Old

    It was clear she had the best connection with Growing Up is Getting Old. None of these were going to win. I think she made the right choice for her.
  11. nunaney

    Russia RUSSIA 2021 - Manizha - Russian Woman

    It feels so nice to actually like a Russian entry. I won't be mad if they get top 10 this year. But now that I finally feel that way about a Russian entry, it seems like they won't get top 10 :(
  12. nunaney

    Russia RUSSIA 2021 - Manizha - Russian Woman

    Manizha please please please!
  13. nunaney

    The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2021 - Jeangu Macrooy - Birth of a New Age

    I didn't hear the live version but the studio version sounds fine to me. Not as bad as you guys were making it sound.
  14. nunaney

    Italy ITALY 2021 - Måneskin - Zitti e buoni

    Did you get to see Loredana?
  15. nunaney

    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2021 - Ana Soklič - Amen

    I was waiting for your reaction :lol: I personally don't care for this song but I'm so relieved that you like it. I pretty much only come to this forum to read your posts and I would have been really sad if one your big faves from last year ended up disappointing you.
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