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  1. Post Eurovision Discussion

    Here is my video review of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Grand Final, on 22 May 2021. This follow-up to my televoting reaction video focuses mainly on notable moments when the jury votes and public votes were announced that evening. I've also included some comments about Eurovision Song...
  2. Post Eurovision Discussion

    Here is a video, containing my reactions, when the public vote results were announced at the end of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Grand Final on 22 May 2021. My comments reflect how I felt about the public vote scores as they were announced. Please note my views on the songs are partly...
  3. Post Eurovision Discussion

    I watched Eurovision Song Celebration Part Two on YouTube this evening. This showed all the "live-on-tape" performances of the songs that were in last week's ESC Grand Final, except the United Kingdom. The show ended with a fan recap, thankfully there was a snippet of "Embers" at the end (last...
  4. Post Eurovision Discussion

    #SWE I saw MelFest final 2021 live online from the UK. A lively entry, and very well staged. Well done Tusse, you're a hero. Go Sweden, although not a winner, you'll probably be top 10. #SMR The final song already, it's amazing how time flies! This should be Greece's entry, because the music...
  5. Post Eurovision Discussion

    #ITA I'm surprised Italy wanted a hard rock / heavy metal song this year. Although not my taste in music, hard rock / heavy metal enthusiasts will almost certainly love this. Well staged, with amazing lighting effects, as well as rising and falling fireworks. This will be in direct...
  6. Post Eurovision Discussion

    #NED The host entry now. An unusual song for the Netherlands; they're taking a risk sending this. I doubt if this would have got through a semi-final. The chorus is very repetitive. I like the colourful graphics on the screens though near the end.
  7. Post Eurovision Discussion

    #NOR A lively song, well sung, well staged, including light beams, and flame effects near the end.
  8. Post Eurovision Discussion

    #AZE A catchy song from Azerbaijan. It's got everything you could ask for from an Azerbaijani song - eastern style music, an eastern style song, amazing patterns on the background screens and stage. The highlight was the powerful beat, with flames, at the end.
  9. Post Eurovision Discussion

    #FRA A timeless classic. Well sung, and well staged (mostly dark and under the spotlight). If this doesn't win, it'll surely be top five.
  10. Post Eurovision Discussion

    #UKR Is this really Ukranian folk, or is it Chinese / Japanese style music. It's unusual, anyway. I like the staging, including the artificial bushes on stage, and background screen images. Just like the preview video, this got fast near the end, and there was a high pitched final word.
  11. Post Eurovision Discussion

    #LTU One of the songs I most wanted to qualify Tuesday evening, The Roop. A lively disco song, I love the chorus, with its lines Let's discoteque right at my home It is okay to dance alone I got the moves, it's gonna blow Excellent staging too. Could it be Vilnius 2022 for Eurovision? This...
  12. Post Eurovision Discussion

    #BUL A beautiful ballad. Victoria's voice is out of this world, beautiful, magical. This is what I'd call a Disney style song. The staging was excellent too, including the island and the water rippling effect around it.
  13. Post Eurovision Discussion

    =AZV9KHJxiOEl_twBLbCmJEG7LJQ1RQ7Tok4Jdnh0ebRWbjgO9i8xc40umeIl5qPc3Eslurr8m1LaX20pw1pY3lA3tvbYj2PJdHWAwYaXumWWriPE7LeusNv2SElVa-CdHKtLlLlNU7rK4zX5mOhMelq79vmpYgrhQv8yxVzJxB1Re4rUcFUUf0C9KiER41ZaLS8&__tn__=R]-R']Nicholas Willmott...
  14. Post Eurovision Discussion

    =AZV9KHJxiOEl_twBLbCmJEG7LJQ1RQ7Tok4Jdnh0ebRWbjgO9i8xc40umeIl5qPc3Eslurr8m1LaX20pw1pY3lA3tvbYj2PJdHWAwYaXumWWriPE7LeusNv2SElVa-CdHKtLlLlNU7rK4zX5mOhMelq79vmpYgrhQv8yxVzJxB1Re4rUcFUUf0C9KiER41ZaLS8&__tn__=R]-R']#GER A novelty song from Germany. They've got the big hand outfit with the finger...
  15. Post Eurovision Discussion

    #MDA One I definitely didn't want on Thursday. I think Natalia's voice is a bit flat on the verses. At least she sings the choruses well, I think it's clever how she changes singing style part way along the final line of the chorus, and there's a pause before the last word of that line "Sugar"...
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