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  • Of course I love to hear from him, but he went to Crete 7 years ago, Egypt (the time he was telling me about) was 4 years ago and fair enough he went to Malta in the summer but he makes it sound sooo boring.
    Aww man that sucks! I'll be here tonight. Kinda just chilling in my room "ill" so I don't have to listen to another story from my grandad about his holidays in Egypt, Malta and Crete for the 869768th time. He tells you a story once and tells you another 20 times just in case you didn't get it lolol
    Fukyea bro!! God I'm so tired this week, so I expect to go into major hibernation mode this weekend. Probs should finish all my assignments cause I'm tired of being tied down by them every weekend, so I hope we can catch up then! :D
    Hahaha ur crazy!! The fam is visiting atm and I have other shiz regarding something... someone i gotta tell u bout! But I agree skype sesh ASAP!!! Btw feels weird airing my life on ur wall.. reason i hate facebook haha
    I love your sig :p It's like a separated at birth thing. I honestly didnt know which one was Jade and which one was Adele...
    How do I begin to imagine all the happy faces I'd like to see?
    The final destination, with sounds of celebration
    If I could find the opportunity

    So I wonder, who can I turn to?
    Who can make these wishes and dreams come true?
    And with you there beside me
    And loving hands to guide me
    Anything is possible to do

    So if you bring the sunshine
    I'll bring the good times
    Just add your laughter
    It's happy ever after
    I don't know 'bout you
    But that sounds good to me
    Congrats on qualifying Martz, you deserved it
    Well I think unless Ed turns out to be amazing which I dont think he will, it will be hung again cuz it's impossible for him to be less popular than G Brown ;)
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