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  • Hey Ger!

    I'm just wondering, have you used/installed a Baybayin PNKL keyboard for Windows before? I just did, but there's some issues with rendering especially on Google Chrome. So the text just comes out as boxes like this: ᜇᜐᜇᜇ. I did install several Baybayin fonts as the instruction stated, but I still can't "see" it. Do you have any tips?

    Salamat :D
    Hey there! Would you be as kind as to purge your inbox? Can't send you a PM at the moment.

    I posted something in the FSC Austria private forum for you to read in the meantime.
    Hey MeGerbear,

    Welcome to FSC and hope you are enjoying it as much as we all are!! :D
    I'm also really glad you like the songs I've sent so far to represent Taiwan~~ xlove

    I don't really believe in winning or getting high points on the show, even though it does feel good...
    My goal is to just have some people fall in love with the songs I love....
    Even if it's only one person....I am satisfied~~ so...once again...I thank you and appreciate your love for music!! xheart

    -Simon xkiss
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