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  1. Mimmon

    Sweden SWEDEN 2022 - Cornelia Jakobs - Hold Me Closer

    This is wild....its been forever since Sweden was my winner of Eurovision but it happened again.... I absolutely love this
  2. Mimmon

    Planning Trip to Turin

    So update: Booked Airbnb with 1st pay in 178 and I have to pay more +700 euro till 16th April which I will do anyway.Next step is to fix passport things so in 2 weeks going to pay plain tickets which is like 200 euro.Good thing that my place is away 20 mins walk. About tickets to main thing...
  3. Mimmon

    Latvia LATVIA 2022 - Citi Zēni - Eat Your Salad

    Going to leave this here I am proud of Citi Zeni success but Latvia loves to send songs about food looks like it Maybe next time song about drink so we can have full meal
  4. Mimmon

    Denmark DENMARK 2022 - Reddi - The Show

    Are you okay Danish broadcaster? Why so quiet? Edit: Nevermind artists announcing today
  5. Mimmon

    Australia AUSTRALIA 2022 - Sheldon Riley - Not The Same

    Even I am supporting Voyanger and Little Fires I am waiting for Sheldon take the 1st place in my top
  6. Mimmon

    Germany GERMANY 2022 - Malik Harris - Rockstars

    I haven't focused on Germany,if I understood correctly I guess nf names announcement today I guess
  7. Mimmon

    Serbia SERBIA 2022 - Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano

    My top 5 in random order are: Sara Jo-Muškarčina Zorja Pajić-Zorja Marija Mikić-Ljubav me inspiriše Igor Simić-Nisam ja Tijana Dapčević-Ljubi svog čoveka My Top video probably tonight or tomorrow morning
  8. Mimmon

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2022 - Maro - Saudade, Saudade

    Good Morning and time to enjoy my weird top video of this year's festival
  9. Mimmon

    Estonia ESTONIA 2022 - Stefan - Hope

    Staging is so mixture of all past Melest cliche stagings
  10. Mimmon

    France FRANCE 2022 - Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn

    So any news about it ?
  11. Mimmon

    Israel ISRAEL 2022 - Michael Ben David - I.M.

    Im sorry but this is pure dissapointment... He is great performer and like Netta said ''Song sucks but he sells it well'' and he does... I don't see nothing special about Micheal overall and idk if he stand out in Turn but hey hope Israel qualifies
  12. Mimmon

    Sweden SWEDEN 2022 - Cornelia Jakobs - Hold Me Closer

    Im amazed how still have avoided to listen Semi 1 songs..... Anyway tonight going to do it lol
  13. Mimmon

    Italy ITALY 2022 - Mahmood and Blanco - Brividi

    Kinda happy for result but I need to listen all songs (Only heard 3 songs lol)
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