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    WV Spin-Off 162 🎙️ Karaoke! 🎙️ The Hobart-Ica Pacific Event

    Unfortunately, I also have very little free time atm, so I will have to skip the spin-off, I apologize :( I will make sure to listen to all of your efforts, though xheart
  2. Milos-BC


    As the new WV is just around the corner, I wanted to use the opportunity and let everyone know that, in the end, following a small burnout, ::fi will be staying in the contest after all. Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful messages of support, you made me reconsider everything and...
  3. Milos-BC

    NSC 207 🤗 Uh, let's go to the final-inal🔥 Fettevika, Kimmystan 🏝🥵 QUALIFIERS • 27/07 21:00 CEST

    Amazing show, well done Kimrt! xclap Being first beneath the line and missing out on qualification for 1 point is such a crappy feeling :( :lol: But nonetheless, thanks to everyone who voted for Lara! I wanted to bring some high-quality balkan ballad this time, and I'm glad that at least some...
  4. Milos-BC

    Utopolis WLSC 243 | Post #2 is show. Results start about where you'd expect, winner on page 7.

    Congratulations on the victory Nauthinia Vallis! It was certainly one of the better songs xcheer Thanks to everyone who voted for Belvist, I am more than happy with a top 10 finish! Thank you for the awesome hosting, Uto and Gaëlle, I wholeheartedly enjoyed it all the way through xclap xup...
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    How do you feel?

    42 degrees here, now we can melt together xheat
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    NSC 206 🔮 Enjoy your hobbies! 🎨 SVO, Svobodnetsk 🪁 Grand Final Results: 21:00 CEST!

    It started so well buuut..........oh well, at least I managed not to end last :lol: I think Ashley will agree but #bringBackFakeResults ... In all seriousness, though, congratulations Ugaly and Jochen on the victory! The song didn't get points from me, but I still think it's a good track and...
  7. Milos-BC

    NSC 206 🔮 Enjoy your hobbies! 🎨 SVO, Svobodnetsk 🪁 Grand Final Results: 21:00 CEST!

    Actually...I wouldn't mind if these were the real results :lol: #justSaying P.S. Great scoreboard!
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    Thank you guys, really appreciate it xlove
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    I have to say that the messages I've received both in public and via PM have touched me. Instead of withdrawing I will take a break so that I can have more time to consider or reconsider my decision. And to see which direction ::fi will be taking in case I end up staying after all. The final...
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    Thank you Gary xrunhug No worries, ::fi will vote for the last time, it would be disrespectful if I didn't do so. And then sadly, we will part ways. At this point, I think this is the best decision for both me and the contest itself, and in the future who knows........we will see, anything is...
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    After many years of amazing fun I've had in WV, the time has come to say goodbye. Unfortunately, ::fi doesn't have anything more to offer and I noticed that my inspiration disappeared as well. I had an amazing time in ::fi but now is the right time to end this chapter and move on. Thank you...
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    :fi: :fi: :fi: WV 158: Apocalyptica - Bolero :fi: :fi: :fi:
  13. Milos-BC

    WLSC 242 in Fierraria🍹 Party in San Fierro 🍹RESULTS OUT

    Congratulations Uto, the best song won xcheers :D I really love it when my 12 pointer wins and this time it was certainly well deserved. Thank you everyone who voted for Belvist.....I thought I was in for a disaster, but in the end I got a very decent result and I am certainly satisfied with...
  14. Milos-BC

    Belvist - NSC 206: Amaranthe - Archangel

    After Konstrakta's phenomenal success on the last NSC, Belvist decided to go for a heavier entry this time around as well. A band that is well-known to the NSC community will get the chance to perform on this iconic contest once more. Have fun and enjoy "Archangel" xcheer
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    Welcome to the main roster and best of luck! xcheers xcheer
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