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    Moldova MOLDOVA 2021 - Natalia Gordienko - Sugar

    Guys, I think the schedule for today changed. According to the offiical live stream (check Natalia's YouTube channel), it will start 21:00 MSK (which is like 2 hours ahead of CET). So I guess, we will have to wait tuntil 7 pm.
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    ESC Ranking 2021

    I needed to update it because it is such a RARE sight to have :be: on top of my ranking. THIS has never happened before but I'm afraid that #TeamSugar will destroy everyone at 6 pm and that's why I needed to give :be: some credit.. even though it's just for a few hours :D :12: :be: :ua: :fr...
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    Albania ALBANIA 2021 - Anxhela Peristeri - Karma

    After consulting my inner Eurovision bible, I had to downgrade it to :10: I love it - I still believe that most of the changes improved the song BUT... the Dubstep-ish part is really odd and doesn't really help the last chorus. The last chorus needs a richer arrangement to make a better impression.
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    Belgium BELGIUM 2021 - Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place

    :12: - Personally, I think it's the best Belgian entry since 2004 - The more I listen to it (I'm already on my 6th spin), the more I adore it. Maybe it's even my favourite Belgium entry ever. The verses are amazing, they catch your attention but I also believe that the chorus is great. Love the...
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    Greece GREECE 2021 - Stefania - Last Dance

    Yeah "Supergirl" was a :3: max. and the Greek team tried to sell it as a second coming of "Euphoria". I'll keep my fingers crossed for a HUGE improvement this time. Greece was my favourite Eurovision country in the 00's but the last decade was rather messy and trashy. I would like to see them...
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    Russia RUSSIA 2021

    ^^ These are probably three of 9 Russian artists Eurofans can think of - but they ditched Sergey, Dima and Polina to not make it seem too obvious that that list is fake.
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    Classic Elimination Game: Melodifestivalen 2021

    Safe: Kadiatou – One Touch WAHL feat. SAMI – 90-talet Elisa – Den du är Charlotte Perrelli – Still Young Eric Saade – Every Minute The Mamas - In the Middle Frida Green – The Silence Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – Rena rama ding dong Lovad – Allting är precis lidakant Tess Merkel – Good Life Clara...
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    I have listened to the song twice and honestly, I wanted to come back to this thread now to give it :5: pts in the poll but I completely forgot how it sounds. There's nothing memorable about this entry...and thus, I will wait for tomorrow's "premiere"/music video to make sure my ranking is fair...
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    OM 15 ❂ TASHKENT - UZBEKISTAN ❂ DEADLINE 08.03.2021 23:59 CET // Sponsored by RizaNova

    voted. good luck, everyone. flawless banners!
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    I agree with @Sammy and @mauve. I've already mentioned that I am disappointed by "Amnesia" - even though it's a decent and nicely produced track but even after listening to it again, I think it's neither remarkable nor memorable. There's no climax, no catchy hook, no impressive vocals.. To me...
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    This is a letdown. "Alcohol You" was great but I this time it's less memorable and in my option, I think that her voice sounds unnatural at many times throughout the song. I'd probably rank this :4: or :5: right now.
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    Belarus BELARUS 2021

    @nik92 Make Kazna apply for the Russian NF just in case!!!!
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    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2021 - Ana Soklič - Amen

    Haha, no. I was actually planning my trip to Slovenia - I even bought a guide book, etc. I just hope to travel when all this Covid-19 madness is over #Amen
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    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2021 - Ana Soklič - Amen

    I'm actually planning my trip to Slovenia right now and I really enjoyed the current conversation. I already took down notes what to eat in which region haha
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    Russia RUSSIA 2021

    Niletto's song included in that article is something I listen to on a daily basis. I just love that "Russian pop" style and I would be very deliriously happy if we can finally get something like that in Eurovision
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