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    What 2020 acts will have better (or worse) entries in 2021?

    I'm not really sure about which country sending the same artists as last year would do worse. However, I can say that Austria, Czechia, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, San Marino, and Slovenia can really improve on next year's entries compared to last year. Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Latvia, Malta...
  2. macmillanandwife

    2020 Bold Predictions

    Edweis hold my beer: ::es wins with over 800 points.
  3. macmillanandwife

    2020 Bold Predictions

    ::be or :al: beats :it: and wins by less than 10 points
  4. macmillanandwife

    The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2020 - Jeangu Macrooy - Grow

    I listened to a few of his songs and I must say that it's an interesting choice from the Netherlands! I hope his song is good and he includes Surinamese influences. It's been a very long time since we heard Afro-Caribbean influenced songs in Eurovision.
  5. macmillanandwife

    Results Of The New Voting System from 2009-2015 (2013 excluded)

    So since I've read that the EBU Reference Group was considering implementing the new voting system since 2012. I've decided to see what would happen if there would be any changes to qualifications and final placings from 2009-2015 (2013 exculded) with the 2016 voting system. And I found some...
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    Is Next Year The Right Time To Retire the Top 10 Scoring System? (WARNING LONG POST!)

    Hello Everyone, I wasn't sure where to put this thread. However, I think this is the best spot to put discussion. If you would like to move this into another section moderators, be my guest. So, I've been thinking about the results this year and saw how lopsided it was compared to years past...
  7. macmillanandwife

    A Tribute to Erica Vaal, Hostess of Eurovision 1967

    Now that we know that Austria will be hosting Eurovision next year as well as it will be the 60th anniversary, I think they should do a tribute to the host of the 1967 contest, Erica Vaal. When she introduced the audience to the contest in 7 languages, she said something very interesting that no...
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