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    Football Teams You Hate/Dislike

    I think we should have a topic like this! :D Let's see: ::ro FC Dinamo Bucharest ::ro CS FC Dinamo Bucharest ::ro CFR Cluj ::ro U Craiova ::ro CSA Steaua Bucharest ::ro FC R Bucharest ::ro AFC Rapid Bucharest ::ro Rapid "Frumosii Nebuni ai Giulestiului" Bucharest ::ro Petrolul Ploiesti ::en...
  2. lucian-crusher

    Eurovision 2016 - 60th Anniversary Edition

    Wouldn't it be great if for Eurovision 2016, EBU would take the UEFA example about EURO 2016, and have the contest in more countries as it's an anniversary edition? I would propose something like this: - Midle of April - First Semifinal to be held in the country that finished 3rd in...
  3. lucian-crusher

    Things that Eurovision fans never say

    Basically in this thread we mention the things Eurovision fans never say or never get to say: - Eurovision is the worst show ever - I'm sick and tired that ::sm is always in Top 10 - ::bg has qualified to many times in the Final - It's a shame that ::gr, ::ro, ::ru and ::ua never manage to...
  4. lucian-crusher

    Predict the Final 12 pointers

    So. all you have to do is predict to whom each of the 39 countries will award their 12 points in the Final: ::fr => ::es ::lt => ::ee ::md => ::ro ::fi => ::ee ::es => ::ro ::be => ::am ::ee => ::lt ::by => ::ua ::mt => ::az ::ru => ::ua ::de => ::dk ::am => ::ge ::nl => ::dk ::ro => ::md ::uk...
  5. lucian-crusher

    Zechonia - Comeback :p

    Re: Zechonia - NSC 72 - Marina & The Diamonds - Fear & Loathing Great song! No offence but it's kinda not ::zec style! Good luck! :D
  6. lucian-crusher

    Copa America 2011

    The 43rd edition of Copa America starts today in Argentina. Copa America is the South American version of EURO. The last edition was in 2007 and was won by Brazil after a 3-0 win against Argentina. The opening match will be Argentina - Bolivia. Here are the 3 groups: Group A Argentina Colombia...
  7. lucian-crusher

    Balkan Music Awards 2011

    The 2nd edition of Balkan Music Awards is scheduled on the 4th of June in Sofia. It is just like a small Eurovision, only with Balkanik countries and where playback is allowed and also voting for your own country is allowed. Last year ::rs won the competition with the son ,,Ljubavi" by Zeljko...
  8. lucian-crusher

    What hour will Eurovision 2012 start?

    Since ::az time is CET + 4, when will Eurovisio next year? Will it start at 17:00 CET or at 21:00 CET and 00:00 ::az hour?
  9. lucian-crusher

    Predict the Semifinals 12 pointers

    Let's try and predict what country gets the 12 points from what country in the Semifinals! This is my guess (bassed only on televoting): Semifinal 1: ::pl gives 12 to ::hu ::no gives 12 to ::is ::al gives 12 to ::gr ::am gives 12 to ::ge ::tr gives 12 to ::az ::rs gives 12 to ::hr ::ru gives...
  10. lucian-crusher

    FSC Copa America April - Semifinals

    Welcome to the 2nd edition of FSC Copa America in Argentina! Let's take a look at our host country: And our last edition winer: Now let's see the 9 stadiums: - Buenos Aires: La Bombonera - Buenos Aires: El Monumental - Cordoba: Mario Alberto Kempes - Jujuy: 23 de Agosto - La Plata...
  11. lucian-crusher

    FSC Copa America April - Register!

    The second edition of FSC Copa America will start on 11th April, so be sure you register by then! Send a private message to me with the following form: Country: Performer: Song: Youtube Link: Mp3 Link: In case you don't submit an mp3 link, I will make a rip from the Youtube link. You can...
  12. lucian-crusher

    Zechonia - Comeback :p

    Re: Zechonia - NSC 65 - Beatsteaks - Milk & Honey My second favourite won! Good luck!
  13. lucian-crusher

    FSC Copa America March - Submit your bids!

    Here you can submit your bids to host FSC Copa America March! The competition was now enlarged so it contanis: - South America - North America - Central America - The Carribeans You can submit your bid to host with any country that is located in one of the 4 areas mentioned above...
  14. lucian-crusher

    Română, Română, Română, Română

    Yay! Aici putem vorbi in Romana :lol:
  15. lucian-crusher

    NSC 61 in Berceniland - Final - Results

    Here is the voting order: 1. Roseland 2. Akkaville 3. Pigeon Island 4. Genext 5. Bacchus 6. Rumia 7. Kamande 8. Zoidiac 9. Dalisska 10. Noizeland 11. Cydoni-Gibberia 12. Sunland 13. Kostanovia 14. Mooseland 15. Scorpionia 16. Orangualia 17. Balearica Island 18. Comino 19. Zaprya 20. Bokia 21...
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