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  • Hey :)

    Design for banners is pretty much simple but effective :)
    Or if you have something other in plan, I hope that we just keep everything to be in one style. :D

    When deadline is over please send me all remaining songs. :) Show surely can be prepared for tomorrow and recap most probably day after (maybe tomorrow too). My computer is a bit slow and I need to now running order as soon as possible.

    I hope we decide on it as producers. :D eurovisionishhhh :D
    When DDL is done, as producers, you and me, first will divide songs into two halfs and then we will decide about running order :D
    Heey :)
    Sorry, I see my inbox is full! I was totally in analyzing today so I forgot about forums! I answer everything now! :D
    I gave you wrong link, this is first edition thread! :) Anyway, even if rule is that song cannot be send in the same theme (but later can), still 15 editions hasn't passed since this one. This is 14th one, so any song that participated in this edition, can not participate.
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