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  1. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    ^well it became obvious to me when I saw Borodyanskiy, who since 2021 sits on observing board at Ukraina and Medvedev (ESC producer at PBC) cross folow each other on Instagram a few days ago. Let’s see if Tomilchenko’s personal company now wins JESC production tender, turning Eurovision into...
  2. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    PBC giving Vidbir rights back to V. Baginsky(head of entertainment at Pryamyi) after throwing his team out in 2017? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: impossible
  3. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    Well if Volodymyr Borodyansky (New head of entertainment at Ukraina’s observing board ) gets his hands back at Vidbir, after creating 2016 edition when working at STB, I won’t be against it
  4. JESC 2021

    Let’s see what rats L. Halkin(head of UA:Culture) has in his head. V. Baginsky( Head of entertainment 2010-2017) sent whoever paid the most/his relatives, hence why we had Rol and Baginska as representatives, while the kids with the wrong surnames sat at the bottom of the scoreboard no matter...
  5. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    8th if we add her jesc flops in Kazakhstan NF 2018 and Vidbir jr 2019-2020 (with Darya Moskalenko) what a Tayanna Tina she is.
  6. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    And I get a serious Agnete/Greta Salóme vibe from her and won’t even be surprised if she repeats their 2016 fate when selected.
  7. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    Rewatch Vidbir 2020 final Prytula said that she gave KHAYAT 1 point more than the other judges (5) while Danylko and Drozdov were predictably pulling KRUTЬ more as a suck up to their pal Ponomarev who stood in her shadow. That’s how she won the jury in her semi and got five points from them in...
  8. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    Tayanna had one of the biggest PR agencies, half of our show biz rooting and the jury overrating her(especially in 2017) and yet she finished only third in the televote, while finishing dead last in Dancing with the stars without all that PR support because nobody outside Eurovision bubble...
  9. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    1.She will win Vidbir only if producers cancel the televote or she brings something on the same level as 1944/Helpless because general public simply doesn’t like nor care about her music, no matter how much money Yasynsky throws in her promo, and even if she somehow wins the nationalists might...
  10. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    Medvedev (current head of entertainment at PBC) worked as STB‘s scriptwriter for 10 years, and will be riding on his former coligues while he is at the top, which means that Vidbir is de-facto confirmed until 2026 if not longer imo.
  11. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    While Medvedev & Lodygin run TV at PBC i. e. untill 2026, and there is no semis to qualify from, this will be our JESC strategy, they won’t spend money on the contest that nobody in the country cares about, just accept this and vibe along.
  12. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    The problem there was the lack of funding, Medvedev openly hates JESC and the first order he gave as PBC’s head of entertainment was withdrawing from JESC2018 which he later reversed due to public outrage started by the art school’s, and turned Junior Vidbir into his own personal indiefest with...
  13. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    STB took all financial responsibility for the reserve video and staging in Rotterdam with PBC covering transportation and other expenses. Art Directors:Kostyantyn Tomilchenko & Oleksandr Bratkovsky(:ua:2016&2018:az:2019) Styling: Dmytro Kuryata(STB’s Kriposna)...
  14. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    This is not ESC related but it will affect the direction we will be moving onwards In the beginning there were 15 now there are 4 people left fighting for the head of PBC title: Vitaliy Dokalenko Qualified with 4 votes Oksana Tsybulya 9 votes And the front runners: Andriy Shapovalov (former...
  15. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    Ye Olde SHUM 3 minute version dropped on Spotify
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