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    Finland FINLAND 2023

    YLE's UMK music journalist Katri Norrlinn, who was also one of the members of UMK-jury selection, has revealed some infos about UMK contestant at TikTok: - Harry Potter is mentioned in one of the songs. - One artist is whole new artist, who will publish his/her first song at UMK. - This UMK...
  2. heke1988

    New voting system - removal of juries from the semi - global vote

    Is there have been any news/info, if there is going to be also the rest of the world jury?
  3. heke1988

    New voting system - removal of juries from the semi - global vote

    Interesting change. Although I would also rather have just public vote in Grand Final, but this is a good destination: Power to the people!
  4. heke1988

    FSC #166 December 2022: Song Submissions [DDL: 28.11.2022, 23:59 CET]

    @Malagant :fi: main entry and back-up entries have been posted to our private forum. This time :fi: is with male and female duet.
  5. heke1988

    FSC #165 - November 2022: The Show! [Verona - Italy] | Votes to @Journalist | DDL: 26th November 23:59 CET

    @Journalist :fi: votes has been posted to our private forum. My top 20 in random order: :bg::uk::dk::no::jp: :tw::az::my::pt::cy: :tr::rs::za::lv::ua: :it::us::lt::gr::ro:
  6. heke1988

    The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2023 - Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper

    Good news: Her cancer surgery went well and now she is going to recovery.(y)
  7. heke1988

    FSC #164 - October 2022: The Show! [Arendal - Norway] | RESULTS from page 3

    Thank you all, who voted :fi: and Stratovarius! I was hoping at least 50 points (almost got it), but I am still kind of satisfied on 21st place. :10::pl::pt::us: :7::ua: :4::es: :3::mx: :2::no: :1::az: Here is how :fi: jury voted: :12::jp: :10::ma: :8::il: :7::no: :6::it: :5::mx: :4::rs...
  8. heke1988

    FSC #165 November 2022: Song Submissions

    This time :fi: is with ethnic pop.
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