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    Best Postcard

    I haven't seen a thread yet so I'll start 8-) Who had the best postcard in your opinion?
  2. GWTW1939

    Least amount of entires in native language record?

    Assuming Montenegro will sing Montenegrin there will be only 7 countries that are singing in their own language and not English Finland Romania (bilingual, but still counts) Montenegro Portugal France Italy Spain This must be a new record or at least tying another
  3. GWTW1939

    Best 3rd Place Sweden

    6 Swedish entries have placed 3rd at Eurovision What entry is the best? 1983 Carola Häggkvist - Främling 1985 Kikki Danielsson - Bra vibrationer 1995 Jan Johansen - Se på mig 1996 One More Time - Den vilda 2011 Eric Saade - Popular 2014 Sanna Nielsen - Undo
  4. GWTW1939

    Your Winner 1969

    Of the 4 winners who was your winner? ::fr Frida Boccara "Un jour, un enfant" ::nl Lenny Kuhr "De troubadour" ::es Salomé "Vivo cantando" ::uk Lulu "Boom Bang-a-Bang"
  5. GWTW1939

    Performance changed my mind!

    Songs you didn't think much of before the contest yet now think better of after seeing the performance. And if there's a song you now think worse of now....
  6. GWTW1939

    Favorite Postcards

    What were your favorite postcards 8-) xheya I thought Iceland was pretty cool ;) Belgium and Montenegro were cute :oops: Netherlands was very pretty
  7. GWTW1939

    Best Postcard

    Some were really sweet and some were pretty cool 8-) Who had the best post card?
  8. GWTW1939

    Best 3 Winners in a Row

    As the title says what are your best 3 winners in a row? For example for me its: 1972 Luxembourg - Vicky Leandros "Après toi" 1973 Luxembourg - Anne-Marie David "Tu te reconnaîtras" 1974 Sweden - ABBA "Waterloo" You can go further and include more then 3 if you like.
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