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  1. greece

    Fave country in Eurovision

    Well the title is obvious
  2. greece

    Which semi do you like most?

    Personally almost every year my winner is from the 2nd semi, as andthis year but 7/10 of the songs in my top 10 are in the 1st. But 2 in my top 15 and the else under #20 and many out of final. So I prefer a bit more the 1st one but not a lot
  3. greece

    Best Greek Entry 2001-2014

    Same with But I had forgot "Shake It"
  4. greece

    Best Greek Entry 2001-2014

    It's the same with all the others I just add 2013 and 2014 ;) And I voted for the one that none of you would vote....*cough*2002*cough*
  5. greece

    Best entry from San Marino (2012-2014)

    You know they are the Valentina's entries ;)
  6. greece

    Best come back entry

    I know they are only two but I was wondering which is your fave of these
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