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    I feel weirdly attracted to Mister Osterdahl. Maybe it's the power thing.
  2. gingerale

    Malta MALTA 2022 - Emma Muscat - I Am What I Am

    Will "Out of Sight" ever be released on streaming services? Malta I'm still interested.
  3. gingerale

    Norway NORWAY 2022 - Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf a Banana

    Can't stop watching the final performance. S10 was so so good. Also the camera work and the simple but effective staging. My fave right now.
  4. gingerale

    Cyprus CYPRUS 2022 - Andromache - Ela

    I guess it's time for Cyprus to try something different. They can do it.
  5. gingerale

    Romania ROMANIA 2022 - WRS - Llamame

    Surprised by the low televoting score but then he still got a lot of votes for draw 2. None of the less this is already an Eurovision Classic. Arena proofed it.
  6. gingerale

    Latvia LATVIA 2022 - Citi Zēni - Eat Your Salad

    Queen Samanta Tina finally making her winner's speach. xheart
  7. gingerale

    Lithuania LITHUANIA 2022 - Monika Liu - Sentimentai

    She was mesmerising again. Star. Everybody could see that but the juries and the running order producers.
  8. gingerale


    I'm kind of relieved. My sleeping pattern is totally fckd up right now.
  9. gingerale

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2022 - Sam Ryder - Space Man

    I imagine this doing an Austria 2018. Jury winner with middle of the road televoting.
  10. gingerale

    Spain SPAIN 2022 - Chanel - SloMo

    Unbelievable that I'm most excited for Spain tonight. Can't wait to see that performance. xheat
  11. gingerale

    Australia AUSTRALIA 2022 - Sheldon Riley - Not The Same

    Didn't have this on my list but the staging and performance blew me away. The black rainbow looks like it's meant to be in this one.
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