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  1. GianlucaTomoe

    Italy ITALY 2021 - Måneskin - Zitti e buoni

    Lol, honey... if there's an Italian person who's never wrong about anything ESC-related, that's me, the almighty king of equal rights.
  2. GianlucaTomoe

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    Wow, so much BS I'm reading against a singer who would've easily given two Top 10 placements in both ESC 2017 and 2018 to Ukraine, but instead this country chose some no hopers. But if Tayanna had been a guy, everything would've been ok, right?
  3. GianlucaTomoe

    Greece GREECE 2022

    Since this year Greece sent a :gr:/:nl: singer because the contest was hosted in the Netherlands, I wonder if they could send a :gr:/:it: singer next year... but I also wonder, are there any?
  4. GianlucaTomoe

    Euro 2020

    As much as I love Eurovision, it's undeniable that Euro 2020, just like any other football championship, is better when it comes to determine what country is better than the other. I mean, in football you need to be really good and physically, technically strong on your own, you can't rely on...
  5. GianlucaTomoe

    Italy ITALY 2022

    Mhm, let's see... Appreciating and overestimating very ordinary Italian male songs in ESC is not a thing that happens by nature. It's just a human fact, and like all human facts it has a beginning, and it will also have an end. Someday, it will come the day when finally an end to this will be...
  6. GianlucaTomoe

    France FRANCE 2021 - Barbara Pravi - Voilà

    Fun fact that I've just discovered: Carla, the French representative at JESC 2019 and spokesperson at ESC 2021, is the niece of Lise Darly, Monegasque representative at ESC 2005.
  7. GianlucaTomoe

    What changes do you want introduced to the rules/format?

    Throwing Austria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino and United Kingdom out of the contest with immediate effect, and allowing them to come back only if/when they start to select good songs again. Keeping an eye on Denmark, Estonia, Finland...
  8. GianlucaTomoe

    Italy ITALY 2022

    OMGGGGG, Maria Sole's discography is finally on Spotify xheart She was this irreverent singer who released in the 70s/80s albums full of desecrating and satirical songs about subjects like sex, going to the toilet, etc. She also released music as recently as 2017/2018. If only there could be a...
  9. GianlucaTomoe

    Serbia SERBIA 2022

    Now that Beovizija is confirmed to return, I'm hoping for Eleonora to compete again, "Samo lagano" in 2019 was fabulous!!
  10. GianlucaTomoe

    Estonia ESTONIA 2021 - Uku Suviste - The Lucky One

    Sissi should've won the Estonian NF.
  11. GianlucaTomoe

    Czech Republic CZECH REPUBLIC 2021 - Benny Cristo - Omaga

    Hopefully this flop puts an end to this cheap formula of entries that CZ is giving us since 2018, and hopefully they'll send quality songs again like they did in 2015/2017.
  12. GianlucaTomoe

    Greece GREECE 2021 - Stefania - Last Dance

    I'm really excited to see this performance in full, it will surely look better than the rehearsal snippet.
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