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    Oh my, congrats Con and :se: xlove xcheer Such a boptastic winner! Nice to see Seoul and Latvia (despite me blanking it, sorry Aigars) so high as well! And thank you so much for 5th place!! I wasn't even sure if I'd qualify with such a mellow entry and to get a top 5 with it is such a delight...
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    Cyprus CYPRUS 2022 - Andromache - Ela

    I've always wanted to see Andromache perform on a Eurovision stage and what I've got was the most lukewarm performance ever. I get that she's not a bop performer like Eleni or Elena Tsagrinou and she leans more on slow folky songs, but that staging was so wrong I couldn't believe the...
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    Rank the winners 2000-2021

    01 🇳🇴 "Fairytale" 02 🇸🇪 "Heroes" 03 🇬🇷 "My Number One" 04 🇸🇪 "Euphoria" 05 🇺🇦 "Wild Dances" 06 🇹🇷 "Everyway That I Can" 07 🇺🇦 "1944" 08 🇳🇱 "Arcade" 09 🇩🇰 "Only Teardrops" 10 🇮🇹 "Zitti e buoni" 11 🇮🇱 "Toy" 12 🇩🇰 "Fly on the Wings of Love" 13 🇺🇦 "Stefania" 14...
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    EBU changing votes like that, using a random aggregator and basically influencing the overall results, left a bitter taste in my mouth after this edition. Luckily it didn't change the winner and I'm not one for conspiracies but it's very telling that the 'irregular voting patterns' were found in...
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    Which Spin-Off should be 159th? FINAL ROUND's a tie between Horror and WorldVision Short Film Contest! @empo21 will you host? if so, which one?
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    Iceland ICELAND 2022 - Systur - Með Hækkandi Sól

    Quite a surprising qualifier, but I liked the atmosphere it created during the performance. A very nostalgic vibe overall.
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    Portugal PORTUGAL 2022 - Maro - Saudade, Saudade

    This was such a lovely performance with a great atmosphere. The simple staging worked in its favour tbh. Fabulous.
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    Croatia CROATIA 2022 - Mia Dimšić - Guilty Pleasure

    This was dead on arrival, even for semi 1 standards. But then Armenia made it somehow and it's not very different from this one. Oh well.
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    Latvia LATVIA 2022 - Citi Zēni - Eat Your Salad

    I never expected it to make it to the final, but Moldova made it somehow so I don't understand why this was not liked enough, it was fun nonetheless.
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    Norway NORWAY 2022 - Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf a Banana

    As much as it annoyed me when it won (and I still think it's a bit forced), it worked on stage and it was pretty fun (probably because this whole semi was such a borefest). Anyway, good job.
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    Greece GREECE 2022 - Amanda Tenfjord - Die Together

    This is the only staging and performance that stood out for me and didn't look cheap on this stage. I am probably way off but I'm getting major winner vibes from it. Well done, Amanda! xup
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    Austria AUSTRIA 2022 - LUM!X & Pia Maria - Halo

    This is such a bop but Pia Maria couldn't deliver it at all. The staging was also very contained for such an energetic song, I don't know why they thought a circular piano-ish thingie would be the best idea. Still, for it to fail against Switzerland or Moldova, mkay..
  13. Gera11

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    While I'm really happy to see them in Turin, that live performance didn't do it for me. At least not nearly as good as having a 47% chance to win in the odds. It could also chalk down to again, like I said with Albania, to the stage this year and the random wide shots. I also can't help but...
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    Albania ALBANIA 2022 - Ronela Hajati - Sekret

    Such a shame xcry The staging wasn't perfect but honestly it's this year's stage and aesthetics that are overall just a mess for me. I just can't believe this was too much for people but Trenuletul sailed easily through :lol:
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