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  1. Not again, covid-19.

    According to Dr. Jith Tho, While taking care of your mental health can mean seeking professional support and treatment, it also means taking steps to improve your emotional strength on your own. There are a number of easy things you can do every day to improve your mental health. Write In A...
  2. Not again, covid-19.

    Covid-19 is testing everyone’s mental health! When it comes to taking care of ourselves, we often focus solely on our physical bodies. However, maintaining your mind is just as important. According to multiple studies, focusing on your mental health can improve your immune system, increase your...
  3. What are you doing right now?

    Relaxing after a long day.
  4. What are you currently reading?

    The path to wisdom and wealth - The Millionaire's Secrets: Mark Fisher
  5. What tune are ya listening to?

    Still listening to this song. Air Supply - Goodbye
  6. Not again, covid-19.

    I'm not sure about that because I know they only did bluff statistics just to cover up the situation. We don't know the truth but at least we are not been a fool.
  7. What tune are ya listening to?
  8. Not again, covid-19.

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn have harmed many people's mental health and created new barriers for those who already suffer from mental illness or substance abuse problems. Young adults have experienced a number of pandemic-related consequences, such as closures of...
  9. What games do you play?

    Collecting pokemon is really fun. ngl
  10. What tune are ya listening to?

    Not bad!!!
  12. What tune are ya listening to?
  13. What tune are ya listening to?
  14. What is your favorite manga app?

    Dude I use Tachiyomi as well! Manganelo app is where I read the manga.
  15. What tune are ya listening to?

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