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    Free European Song Contest

    So, nobody's posted about it... interesting lineup of artists, but i didn't think the songs were all that great, they probably only had a short notice to come up with something, especially since it had to be previously unheard and 3 minutes long. The winner was okay.... one of the relatively...
  2. Fluke

    Russia RUSSIA 2021

    Can't wait for Sergey to return in 2022!
  3. Fluke

    Free European Song Contest

    Nothing more about this at all, it seems?!? Is it even going to happen?
  4. Fluke

    Free European Song Contest Surprised that there's no thread about this, if anything there should be an entire forum section, if it actually happens.... However, i don't understand if they're intending to invite the...
  5. Fluke

    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread

    Very interesting, i suspected something similar, but do you have any sources for this?
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    The worst song of Eurovision 2020 (vote)

    12: Italy 10: Bulgaria 8: Greece 7: Romania 6: Malta 5: Ireland 4: Albania 3: Spain 2: Croatia 1: Germany
  7. Fluke

    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread According to this post on SVT's website, some kind of replacement show with pre-recorded or remotely streamed performances is being considered, but it doesn't...
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    XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020

    It could just be hold as a remote contest, with the individual competitors streaming their participation from a remote location :ROFLMAO:
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    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread

    One thing i found tone-deaf and objectionable about the statement was the forced enthusiasm asking us to look forward for the 2021 contest instead, as if we didn't expect there to be one next year either! That's kind like hearing your grandmother died and the being told "but there's some lovely...
  10. Fluke

    Austria AUSTRIA 2020 - Vincent - Alive

    Not so surprising! If this does decently well, maybe we'll see a wave of similar K-Pop influenced entries next year.
  11. Fluke

    Austria AUSTRIA 2020 - Vincent - Alive

    Why is this so underrated? I think it's easily the best dance-pop entry this year. Great composition and arrangement, superb vocal skills and i bet he can deliver live too, not to mention the dancing. It's obviously influenced by K-Pop which is very timely, and not really heard in the ESC...
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    Armenia ARMENIA 2020 - Athena Manoukian - Chains on You

    Alright, so not much of a difference, except we finally have a studio version.... slightly less repetitive sounding, i guess. Not one of my favorites, but i'm curious to see what the staging will be like and how it will do in the scores.
  13. Fluke

    Italy ITALY 2020 - Diodato - Fai rumore

    So even when revamping a song you can't make it under 3 minutes? This is just disrespectful. What the hell is wrong with Italy and their disregard for how the contest works? Now my least favorite ESC country, nevermind that i hate the song anyway.... :mad:
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    Russia RUSSIA 2020 - Little Big - Uno

    Okay, so even for the "genre" this is inanely repetitive and simple. The composition and arrangement is flat and uninspired, nothing really happens in the song except for predictable breaks and then the exact same chorus over and over. Not even a key change, which i almost saw coming! The...
  15. Fluke

    Albania ALBANIA 2020 - Arilena Ara - Fall From The Sky

    Awful, awful awful.... yet again Albania ruined a beautiful song! Not only did you use a bland, pointless radio pop arrangement, and English lyrics, but god-awful ones! The lyrics are so cliche and ugly, it would never be accepted by an English-language artist.... just shameful all the way...
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