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    NSC Spinoffs: Information |

    Key Change: Participants send songs with key change(s). Vocaloid: Participants send songs that are sung by a Vocaloid. NSC Champions: Participants send previous NSC winners (but not the winning songs themselves).
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    NSC 183 RESULTS || Winner revealed!

    Fantastic winner, congrats ::kad! (and happy birthday xrose) 12th place is okay but a little disappointing after qualifying with 3rd place through the semi. Still, thanks to all who voted for ::ems! ::12 ::sol xbow ::10 ::moi ::ros ::bal ::kam ::cyd :o xbow ::8 ::ari xbow ::7 ::qdq ::ugl :o...
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    NSC Predictions Thread

    Top 2 prediction
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    21 for Kyrgyzstan
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    OM: Database & Statistics

    🇰🇬 Top 5 57 🇦🇫 Afghan I stan, indeed xlove 42 🇰🇪 Ken ya slay me every single edition? xheat 39 🇨🇳 Thanks to Devilfish Manta, I guess xheat 38 🇰🇭 This Phnom-enal country xheart 37 🇻🇳 Best Southeast Asian country pho real xheart Bottom 4 xangry 5 🇹🇰 4 🇧🇹 1 🇭🇰 0 🇮🇩 :mad:
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    The Film

    Húsavík kills me every time I listen to it. :(xheart Can’t say it is an amazing movie but at least I enjoyed watching it. It was full of cringe moments but eh, I tried not to mind them. I saw some YouTube comments saying “This movie makes me proud of being Icelandic and I am not even from...
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    WLSC 200 | --- UTOPOLIS --- | OP: Results, 2ndP: Original Show

    Fantastic winner, congrats ::big, my 12 xheart Thanks so much to all who voted for ::ems and pporappippam, 3rd place is amazing. :mrgreen: ::12 ::moi Neajlovia ::tan Utopolis :love::love: ::10 ::big :love: ::8 7 :love: ::6 ::ros ÜÜCS :love: ::4 Arkodrë :love: Now that I have got all top...
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    Nikolai's bedroom // Azerbaijan // OM04: Səidə Sultan - Apar Məni

    As far as I know, "Dans Ediyorum" is just the translation into Turkish and has actually nothing to do with the song itself because this YT channel belongs to a Turkish corporation. I would use the official title which is "Я танцую", but of course, the decision is yours. xcheers
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    EMSFRYNT 183: KORR-A - Fiyacraka

    EMSFRYNT 183 KORR-A - Fiyacraka
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    EMSFRYNT 183: KORR-A - Fiyacraka

    EMSFRYNT 182 Will Ferrell & My Marianne - Volcano Man
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