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    Serbia SERBIA 2022

    You have my blessing to send all three xbow But hypothetically, if all three were to participate in Beovizija, my fave would've been the one that brings Flo R..i mean MC Stojan a rapper with her. :ROFLMAO:
  2. EscGeek

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2022

    Jessie J is still working on her Masterpiece. She better finish it soon and send it to eurovision xheat xmusic
  3. EscGeek

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022

    Tayanna is great. I'm following her career ever since "I Love You". What a wonderful ballad that song is. xmusic To this day, I'm still wondering what would've happened if she hadn't had a sore throat on the final night.xcry
  4. EscGeek

    Euro 2020

    Where did you find this?xrollinglol And if you made it yourself, keep them coming xrofl
  5. EscGeek

    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2022

    Oh, i didn't know she moved back to Slovenia. Now I'm really optimistic about her return. :D
  6. EscGeek

    Belarus BELARUS 2022

    How likely is that to happen??
  7. EscGeek

    Most recently watched TV series

    I started watching Space Force, and i was like "oh, Phoebe and Michael Scott are married now? cool" :lol: Then i saw Alexey Vorobyov. Good for him. xclap
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    Latvia LATVIA 2022

    It doesn't have to be him. I just want to like what he's bringing to the table because i'm sure he'll be selected at some point. :ROFLMAO: But he's kinda like Latvian Uku, isn't he? :lol:
  9. EscGeek

    Latvia LATVIA 2022

    alright, hear me out:xleft Markus Riva with a break up ballad by a nightmare team, Sharon Vaughn as a lyricist. I need me a 4th dose 4th year in a row. :ROFLMAO:
  10. EscGeek

    Georgia GEORGIA 2022

    Me ignoring the roasting of Georgia above: It felt weird having Georgia outside my top 10. "You" ended 17th for me which is still very decent for most countries. (but for Georgia it's second worst placing) Slay me once again please. xbow
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    Ireland IRELAND 2021 - Lesley Roy - Maps

    Yeah, someone is being a sore loser. Time heals all wounds, take care, Lesley. :p Her and James not wanting to show their live on tapes makes me wanna see them more :ROFLMAO: But so far only ::cz had a better live on tape and maaaaybe ::ro but the others were far worse.
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    San Marino SAN MARINO 2022

    Petition to rename "Una voce per San Marino" to "So you think you're better than Serhat" :cool:
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    Belarus BELARUS 2022

    Sad news, but eh... i'll get over it. At least they have only themselves to blame (i know, i'm talking like they actually give a shit, :lol:)
  14. EscGeek

    Ireland IRELAND 2022

    This is the best irish national final had to offer. xmusicxdance2xdance I hope there will be more than just 5 songs competing. And please don't include your national final in that "The Late Late Show" :lol:
  15. EscGeek

    Andorra ANDORRA 2022

    Sooooo no Susanne Georgi ft. Will Smith then? Okay.:cry:
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