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    ❅ PYREICA ❅ FIRST NF EVER #pleasevote

    only if you vote xoxo
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    How do you feel?

    I have never related so much to a forum post in my entire lifetime.
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    ❅ PYREICA ❅ FIRST NF EVER #pleasevote

    xcheerWELCOME TO THE FIRST PYREICAN NF xcheer We're (almost) past the 10 participations mark in WLSC, so the Pyreican delegation decided to hold their first-ever National Final to determine the next entry for WLSC #198. Four songs will be in competition, all of them with a strong electro-pop...
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    OM 01 ❂ Send your entry

    I support this because I have an eligibility problem : I have two duos/groups who are of Mongolian ethnicity, do Mongolian music but weren't born and don't live there. For the record, the duo is from the Buryat region in Russia and the band is from the Inner Mongolia region and Beijing in China...
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    Nikolai's bedroom // Azerbaijan //National Matsuri VOTING OPEN NOW

    ::mn voted, the 10 was pretty easy xheat
  6. Edweis

    Participants limit, WL - discussion

    I made my no-semi opinion known, but I didn't elaborate on the pro side. Like you said, big finals aren't ideal either, it doesn't mean will be more attentive to the songs than in semis. I'm so conflicted :lol: That's why, let's see how things evolve, maybe we'll find another solution...
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    OM 01 ❂ Send your entry

    Oh yeah :mn: is in with a song that fits the country music scene very well and could only be the best option for a first entry.
  8. Edweis

    Participants limit, WL - discussion

    I'm afraid incorporating semis would just make it WV², while - correct me if I'm wrong - the aim of Orient Matsuri is to distinguish itself, to create its own identity. In this context, I don't think transposing the WV/NSC format would be beneficial. That's why creating a WL isn't ideal either...
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    Rainy's Resplendent Ravishingly Rapturous River Restaurant | Thailand | OM1 artist tba

    None are on my shortlist, you're free to live one more day xlove Can't wait to see what you'll bring though
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    #DonutFM ~ Host DENIZ ~ Located in ភ្នំពេញ~ OM01 ?????

    This Slytherin promotion post xheat Even if we're not part of it we can't help but stan.
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    Andorra ANDORRA 2021

    Nope, he's French, and from what I saw he was born in Caen (Normandy) so far from Andorra :lol:
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    WLSC 197 ❖ Uralysk, Svobodnia ❖ Voting DDL: 29/05 23:59 CEST

    LL at 3am when us morning rats are asleep should be banned IOTAP
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    Edweis' Yurt | MONGOLIA ❂ #OM1

    I hope you all are ready for a short journey in the steppes before I go for Rainy's head in Thailand xcheer Hint for first entry :
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    Edweis' Yurt | MONGOLIA ❂ #OM1

  15. Edweis

    OM: Participation Thread

    Username : Edweis Country : Mongolia :mn: Can't wait xheat PS : about the Rules, think about Light mode users thank you :LOL:
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