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  • Great! Let me know what you and your friend decided :mrgreen:
    I really hope you can come. You would love it for sure.

    Thanks! Can't wait to see Aviles pics xcheer
    Nice choices ;) I've visited all those places and it's hard to say which one is the best. I go to Zadar every year. Makarska is cheap and has very good night life. Zrće is great if you wanna party all the time. Dubrovnik is the most beautiful imo.

    I hope I visit Aviles one day. You said it's like Ireland. If it has such beautiful landscapes, I'm sure I would love it :D
    Yes, you should come to Croatia. Which places in Croatia would you like to visit? My fingers crossed too and you are welcome here :mrgreen:

    I've been in Barcelona so many times and it's one of the best cities for me. I'm in love with Barcelona and Spain xheart
    I'm a bit tired, so I'll go to sleep soon. How are you? Where did you learn Croatian? I mean if you can understand me, I can write you in Croatian, cause my Spanish is not very good :oops: :lol:
    Forum je super, sigurna sam da ce ti se svidjeti. If you didn't understand this, I can translate you ;)
    Nos vemos! :mrgreen:
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