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    Norway NORWAY 2021

    Raylee didn't win MGP last year. Besides NRK publicly announced they gave her an automatic spot in the final if she wanted to compete, and Ulrikke publicly declined said invitation.
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    Norway NORWAY 2021

    She would obviously be prequalified
  3. DanielLuis

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2021

    NEEV is the clear clear stand out here in my opinion. I just hope the juries won't automatically murder him for being in English. Karetus is a bit too repetitive, but it's quite a bop and really stands out in this line-up too. Nadine, Pedro Gonçalves, mema, The Black Mamba and Carolina Deslandes...
  4. DanielLuis

    Finland FINLAND 2021

    It's quite disgusting to see the amount of dislikes Aksel already has to be honest. This fandom can be so vile sometimes.
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    Norway NORWAY 2021

    I only listened to the song once yesterday, so there is still plenty of time for my opinion to change with a few relistens, similar to what happened to "Spirit in the Sky". But I really don't get the hype for Keiino in the fandom. If I was listening to the song blind without seeing the...
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    Norway NORWAY 2021

    Yeah, they did 100% online voting and anyone could vote, wether we were in Norway or not. The sistem worked fine during the semi-finals, but it collapsed during the final. And it was visible during the show that this happened, because when voting we could send an emoji that would appear in the...
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    Sweden SWEDEN 2021

    When will SVT announce the semi-final distributions? It's so weird being one month away from the show and not knowing that
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    Greece GREECE 2021 - Stefania - Last Dance

    Let's just hope it has more personality and character than Supergirl. It truly was one of the most insipid and bland pop entries in recent years, even moreso than Demy's song.
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    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2021

    I truly don't understand Wiwibloggs forcing articles and editorals out of nowhere every single year to promote acts like Steps and Frock Destroyers as the UK entrants. Especially considering most of them are British. Don't they realize, after following the contest these many years. that...
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    Israel ISRAEL 2021 - Eden Alene

    Same, KAN made a point of clarifyng these entries were just demos. I'm sure the final 3 songs for the NF will go though major revamps with Eden giving some input, and will sound completely different.
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    EUROVISION 2021 - General Discussion Thread

    Even though the idea is nice and sweet, the logo is not much more than an eye sore to me I'm afraid. I think 2020's was a lot prettier. Hopefully I'll grow to like it more with time.
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    Portugal PORTUGAL 2021

    This list definitely got me excited. Can't wait to see what Da Chick, NEEV, Deslandes, Steoreossauro and Karetus bring! It feels like we might have a few more uptempo songs in FdC this year, and probably a few English entries as well since some of these composers always write songs in English.
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    Here's hoping we'll eventually have the first ever unbreakable tie for the crown one day xheat
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    The universe has also put us in some kind of quantum entanglement, because we always qualify/fail to qualify together :lol:
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    Congrats to everyone who made it! Portuguese DNQ votes: :8: :bb: :4: :jp:
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