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  • I knew you'd respond at some point. :O

    I did not expect to have my video be edited into a link but you do you, I see you had only links posted on your thread all over and I like posting videos better but if you only want links in your atmosphere then fine, I will oblige :p
    WHAT THE.... The legendary crew is still one after so many years xheart this made my day. And I'm sending her a pm right now, Idc if she responds or not but we need new Chips single!! Chipz omeback will save the music industry xbounce
    So so so soon come. It's a shame I feel so tired though. I need to pour a bucket of ice cold water over my head or something when it hits midnight.

    p.s. -> Gavlyn <- She hip. She hop. Check her out. She on.
    I play in the legendary :D, but sometimes I feel it too :lol:.yay, I have Playstation 2 years,and I bought FIFA 19 last Friday xheart
    Haha yes!! It’ll be a while until I get in the main contest but best believe I’ll be sending hot hits in all the spinoffs!
    xheart yess we family forever, so I want you to know that you can also always hmu when you feel like you need to talk about something, anything. I know you always try to keep the positive vibes going which same here. It's the only way to keep going; head up high and keep the good feels, but I also know that does not necessarily mean life's all pinks and roses so know that I'm here for you as well close

    PS: FIFA 19 release soon, big Flow loss loading (0-7)
    Been really busy getting life together lately, no easy stuff xoscar maybe big post coming in 'How do you feel' thread soon... : P
    It's a Jesus gif though so it's all good. Your visitor messages section has been blessed. Cardi B number 1 in the UK charts next week thanks to my Spotify streams.

    Yeah, Salo Sessions II is a dark one. I was unsure how you'd feel about it. Besides hot hit Yokai (coming to WV 2027), I love Echoes and especially am feeling Heaven's Gate Away Team. Holy gosh, the subject matter that one tackles is brave. And 7 song albums are indeed the future. Good for my sometimes short attention span.
    Listened to Blood Orange's new one AND Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy. My opinion on the latter is Ring (feat. Kehlani) >>>>> all. I think by far my fave, unless counting her Bruno collab. I like Get up 10 as well (hot opener) and I Do (feat. SZA) with it's Party Favors vibes. Gotta listen to the Blood Orange one again as I admittedly wasn't giving it my full attention on the first spin, but it sounded good.

    In other news, Salo Sessions II is here.

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