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  • What even..... that iconic Andy Warhol hair. The fighting moves. The outfit. Something hot seems to be a cooking.
    I did see that and got really excited. Then I read people mentioning that each scrobble has to be changed individually. You can't do things in bulk..... which is crazy. I've got loads of stuff I'd like to correct, specifically a dodgy Ariel Pink album with almost a thousands scrobbles. It would be an absolute labour of love to click on each scrobble one by one, correcting the album artist name again and again, and again. It's an amazing idea in theory and what I've always wanted, but they've made it such a painful process.................... tempting still. Also kind of pointless if it's dodgy Spotify names you want to change and only plan to subscribe for the month, cause next time you scrobble the track you'll need to subscribe again to clean it up againxdoh
    Elusive and exclusive, like all the greats. Catch me and Yandhi if you can sometime before 2027. Soon come.

    Ok here my number then for you and everyone else that reads your visitor messages xrofl *SECRET*

    To random person that wants to message me after reading this: 'pls don't muhatap.'
    Tbh first thing I wanted to do after I saw his pm was to put 'none' in jury switching thread. Ok we all cool in WV but these ppl are shady af. Trust me he would have gladly accepted if Daniel voted yesterday
    Aw that's super cute. I like when Kanye sings. #PamGate is such a tragedy. From being like so hyped for her to.. meh. Not that the new song is bad. She just won't be breaking boundaries now. Also, she probably has zero chances of winning with the new song. The Lana copycat will storm to victory most likely.
    I think the link is dead or something cause I can't see any video when I click itxsos I notice that it's Kanye though so I'm obviously missing out.
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