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  • What a legend this owl is. Flying around in the middle of the day! :p

    P.S. Why is Drake's accent a bit...French? :eek:
    Because he love the Greece!

    fly me out to greece .. :sneaky:
    I guess you like the Greece as much as Drake. :mrgreen:
    Thank you dear Floxheart And wow, what a birthday present. My queen gave one of the best Nardwuar interviews ever there. It was so fascinating, and she's delightful. They even talk about Andrew W.K. at one pointxheat Doot doola doot doo...
    Oh my I just saw it's your birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEGEND! I'm glad you told me it was close otherwise I wouldn't have seen it :lol: enjoy your night xheart
    Happy Birthday Flooo!!! xbirthday xheart xheart I hope you have a really nice day and get all the love you deserve!
    I looked up Brothers when you mentioned it in the Listening topic, but I could only find an instrumental of it. I’ve been bad recently with listening to music. I feel like I’m only giving one artist my proper time and everyone else is missing out. I gotta try some more Tyler I think. I see Angel’s Pulse is out too now, so I know what I’ve gotta do this evening.
    Hahaha well, I also abandoned German for lack of time and then when I had time again I didn't go back to it XD. One advice I give to you, if you really want to learn Spanish: choose the accent you want to learn and stick to it, because there are important differences between them :lol: I'd love to visit America, especially Mexico, but I always think I'm gonna find a tarantula :(
    Even the more positive people, like you, have days with not so positive mood, but I'm glad you know how to manage it. Wait, weren't you learning Italian? :lol: did you give up? Anyway, I can't wait to speak in Spanish with you haha. When you're ready, here I am :cool:
    Holy gosh. What a pairing. Defo going to listen to it. I don’t think I’ve given Blood Orange enough attention to be honest. Any news on a Yandhi release? The fans are still waiting.
    La Rosalíaaa xheart xheart f*cking money man... I'm very well, but definitely summer is not my favourite season :lol: Autumn come to me. What about you??
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