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    Germany GERMANY 2021

    I guess it's expected. But seems to be in line with how the internal selection process is. They just want to have the best package to represent the country. And given that Ben will be partnering with Borislav, let's hope we will get a great song that will be more suited to Ben's stage persona.
  2. crashworld

    Azerbaijan AZERBAIJAN 2020 - Efendi - Cleopatra

    ^LOL! What exactly is the point of that performance? Did the studio not have the capabilities to enable artists to perform with 'live' vocals?
  3. crashworld

    Germany GERMANY 2021

    To be honest, I won't be surprised if they ditch Ben. It does feel that performance in the German replacement show is like a contractual obligation fulfillment. But I am still glad we got a great song by Ben although I hope he will try to represent his own country in the future.
  4. crashworld

    Belarus BELARUS 2020 - VAL - Da Vidna For those who didn't catch the Eurovision Home Concerts series (like me), VAL did an amazing cover for Belgium 2015's "Rhythm Inside". Definitely did justice to the song.
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    Croatia CROATIA 2020 - Damir Kedžo - Divlji vjetre Damir giving the gehs they wanted. A DANCE REMIX version of the song. And it's funny it got a proper video treatment (a simple one) as compared to the official one which got a cheap-looking lyrics video.
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    France FRANCE 2020 - Tom Leeb - The Best in Me

    LOL! Why is he still flogging this song? Is he trying to squeeze every penny worth of the song. This is like the 4th version (including the 2nd version which is the original version with more French lyrics before the revamp - 3rd version).
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    Latvia LATVIA 2021 - Samanta Tīna

    Add in Moldova you have the holy trinity of worst songs for this year's competition. Echoing to what @mauve @CPV4931 @randajad have said, I am sold by her attitude towards the competition. She is dedicated and puts in her 101% in her performances. So even though I really dislike her song, but I...
  8. crashworld

    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread

    To be honest, I sort of get why they decided not to do a replacement show with the competition element just to be fair to the artists. Because not every broadcaster will be capable to achieve what they want. I mean after seeing the staging concepts of Australia and Germany, they fall flat in a...
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    Italy ITALY 2020 - Diodato - Fai rumore

    That performance is splendid!! I am not sure if filming this in an arena with a staging that looks like a forsaken set brings out the meaningful of the song even more especially coupled with the situation that the world is currently facing (where activities have almost come to a complete halt)...
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    EUROVISION 2020 - Eurovision Song Celebration and Europe: Shine a Light - Discussion Thread

    Think one of the members of the band (not the vocalist) didn't like the song and refuse to take part in it, which is really silly when the member is not even the one singing.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2020 – das deutsche Finale live aus der Elbphilharmonie

    I mean that's quite true that the staging may look better on the actual big stage, but we never know. The concept is alright (not the best) but it just needs to be tighter. To be honest, if they did a Switzerland 2019 or Sweden 2018 simple staging, that would have been equally good.
  12. crashworld

    Czech Republic CZECH REPUBLIC 2021 - Benny Cristo

    Nice one to Czech Republic's broadcaster/delegation for confirming Benny's participation. Congrats to him. And now he have more time to give us a better entry.
  13. crashworld

    Malta MALTA 2021 - Destiny

    Great job to Malta's broadcaster/delegation for confirming her participation. They will be stupid if they didn't get her back as she is a hor favourite this year. Congrats to Destiny. Hopefully, she will come back with a better song than "All of my Love".
  14. crashworld

    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2021 - Ana Soklič

    Well done to Slovenia's broadcaster/delegation for confirming her participation. Congrats to Ana. Another returnee to the list!
  15. crashworld

    San Marino SAN MARINO 2021 - Senhit

    Well done San Marino! Another returnee! Now give us another disco banger!!
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