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  1. Germany GERMANY 2021 - Jendrik Sigwart - I Don't Feel Hate

    I love to see how much effort they put in the performance. It´s the first time for years I am confident that we are going to get a great performance that supports the song
  2. Ireland IRELAND 2021 - Lesley Roy - Maps

    After the first listening, I thought, the song is "just" ok, but already grow on me after the next 2-3 times listening. Well done, Ireland :-)
  3. Germany GERMANY 2021 - Jendrik Sigwart - I Don't Feel Hate

    I somehow like our song this year (According to the snippet) - with a good staging it could work, but as someone mentioned before it could also easily get a Spain 2017 kind of result, nevertheless - together with Janniks personality - it sticks in one´s head.
  4. Cyprus CYPRUS 2021 - Elena Tsangrinou - El Diablo

    Usually the kind of the song I like, but too much similarity to "Anywhere" by Rita Ora for me, Sorry Cyprus :-( And I think, I should buy some shampoo tomorrow
  5. Germany GERMANY 2021 - Jendrik Sigwart - I Don't Feel Hate

    I somehow like this snippet... which clearly isn´t a sign of quality xD
  6. Spain SPAIN 2021 - Blas Cantó - Voy a quedarme

    I prefered "Memoria" but wasn´t a fan of both songs, my last place so far....but Spain usually does bad when I like their song
  7. ESC UNITED FORUM RANKING GAME 2021 - ROUND FIVE - Ends 27/02 23:59 CET!

    Voting from Germany 12 - Finland 10 - Croatia 08 - Lithuania 07 - Ukraine 06 - Israel 05 - Czech Republic 04 - Albania 03 - Norway 02 - France 01 - Spain
  8. Estonia ESTONIA 2021

    A bit sad for my overall favorite in Estonia, Alabama Watchdog :-( At least my other favorite, Suured tüdrukud came trough.
  9. Finland FINLAND 2021 - Blind Channel - Dark Side

    Well done Finland <3 my new Number 1
  10. Sweden SWEDEN 2021

    Schlager still is alive <3 Great choice, Sweden
  11. Finland FINLAND 2021 - Blind Channel - Dark Side

    After the performances, I still hope for Blind Channel and Teflon Brothers tonight, both brought to stage what was expectable
  12. Sweden SWEDEN 2021

    Hope: DTF Alvaro Estrella, Charlotte Perrelli AC Mustasch, Emil Assergard Won´t happen for sure
  13. Sweden SWEDEN 2021

    Same, was lucky to see Mustasch in concert two years ago and enjoyed it very much... for a Rock song, "Contagious" is quite medicore, but it´s still a rock song in MF, so at least AC for me :-)
  14. Sweden SWEDEN 2021

    So far 1. Charlotte (Schlager from Sweden <3) , 2. Emil, 3. Klara for me
  15. Finland FINLAND 2021 - Blind Channel - Dark Side

    Hope this won´t win tonight just because Aksel won last year... weak song, voice and stage presence
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