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  1. Citelis

    Greece GREECE 2022

    Generic or not it was a top10 result and the staging thing did not even worked perfectly.
  2. Citelis

    Greece GREECE 2022

    It think will be Dream Team again!
  3. Citelis

    Italy ITALY 2021 - Måneskin - Zitti e buoni

    Huge congratulations! xcheer xheart
  4. Citelis

    Greece GREECE 2021 - Stefania - Last Dance

    Meanwhile she was 10th in running order, 10th in jury voting, 10th in t/v voting and 10th overall!
  5. Citelis

    Greece GREECE 2021 - Stefania - Last Dance

    Congratulations Stefania! xcheer xcheer xcheer xcheer xcheer
  6. Citelis

    Cyprus CYPRUS 2021 - Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo

    She deserved much better but that running order was cruel!
  7. Citelis

    Which countries did the juries and televoters save?

    Well it was exactly the opposite. :lol: Romania was inside juries top10 but got killed by televoting. However juries indeed saved Belgium.
  8. Citelis

    Greece GREECE 2021 - Stefania - Last Dance

    I really hope Stefania is the one that will get us out of the misery of 19-26! xcheer xcheer xcheer
  9. Citelis

    Post Eurovision Discussion

    However it should get more jury voting than Serhat did!
  10. Citelis

    Russia RUSSIA 2021 - Manizha - Russian Woman

    Overall it's one of the few Russian entries i like so much.
  11. Citelis

    2021 Bold Predictions

    Iceland will win jury vote by a lot!
  12. Citelis

    Predict the Final Result

    Ukraine will win t/v and Iceland will win jury. 1. ::ch 2. ::ua 3. ::is 4. ::it 5. ::lt 6. ::fr 7. ::mt 8. ::rs 9. ::se 10. ::sm 11. ::fi 12. ::pt 13. ::be 14. ::az 15. ::no 16. ::bg 17. ::cy 18. ::ru 19. ::md 20. ::il 21. ::gr 22. ::al 23. ::es 24. ::de 25. ::nl 26. ::uk
  13. Citelis

    Your favorite female bop of the year?

    Have to go with ::cy
  14. Citelis

    Germany GERMANY 2021 - Jendrik Sigwart - I Don't Feel Hate

    It looks like a bottom5 entry to me
  15. Citelis

    Italy ITALY 2021 - Måneskin - Zitti e buoni

    I cannot see why an Italian victory will lower the number of ''Fuegos'' next year. xshrug Anyway i am considering to vote for Maneskin tonight!
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