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    OM 2nd Year Celebration (AWARD RESULTS FROM PAGE 2)

    Congrats on both achievements, Swedishf., you are simply the best xclap xbow xcheer
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    Orient Express: Jury Switching

    OM 41 Old country: Qatar New country: Uganda
  3. chontono


    Congrats Iowa, beautiful winner!!! xcheer xbow Thanks a lot, guys, for this podium, first ever for :qa: xrose Special thanks to players from :id: :lb: Sri Lanka :mn: :jp: and :uz: xbow xbow xbow although I didn't expect such a great amount of zeros xcry Tbh, I expected people to like it more...
  4. chontono

    FSC #161 - July 2022: THE SHOW! [Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, Denmark] | RESULTS from page 2

    Congrats to ::pt!!! Congrats @JSSArcos xbow xbow xbow That song was so close to my points, but never expected such result! Still very impressed by the awful result for the funniest bop entry from ::il we ended up loving, thanks for introducing it to us, we use it in the car on and on xrunhug In...
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    OM 2nd Year Celebration (AWARD RESULTS FROM PAGE 2)

    Family always so selfish xhunter
  6. chontono

    OM 2nd Year Celebration (AWARD RESULTS FROM PAGE 2)

    Thanks Ana, our queen xbow
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    WV Spin-off 161 🎷NO POP OR BOP 🎷RESULTS OUT

    Hey, congrats Austria xcheer Biggest surprise in my life, top3 of Gothic Rock /folk or whatever it is called, WV keeps on with big ears as I see :LOL: I really missed some more risky stuff in here, sthg electronic for example. The pity is to see other great songs doing so much worse, like the...
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    OM 39 👰🏿‍♂️👰🏿‍♂️ CAPE TOWN 🐒 COLOMBO 🤵🏿‍♀️🤵🏿‍♀️ RESULTS FROM PG. 1 👰🏿‍♂️🤵🏿‍♂️

    Very very impressed by the results show, such a set of pretty details and lots and lots of work people don’t usually appreciate, but it is sooooooo worthy and meritous xbow xbow xbow my honest congratulations, swedish, impeccable xrose Armenia, congrats to you as well, great entry xrunhug This...
  9. chontono

    WV Spin-Off 161: No Pop or Bop

    I go in the cursed position :LOL:
  10. chontono

    OM 39 👰🏿‍♂️👰🏿‍♂️ CAPE TOWN 🐒 COLOMBO 🤵🏿‍♀️🤵🏿‍♀️ RESULTS FROM PG. 1 👰🏿‍♂️🤵🏿‍♂️

    I need a vitals monitor, my heart stopped xbow xbow xbow :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:xclap
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    WV Spin-Off 161: No Pop or Bop

    Anybody else joining? At least I will with ::ar xcheer
  12. chontono

    FSC #160 - June 2022: The Show! [Belgrade - Serbia] | RESULTS from page 2

    Hey, congrats to :dk: xcheer not my style of entry but it did sound as something easily well-ranking. I am really pleased with the result, almost top-10 for :es: as this was a risky proposal and bid from myself. So glad some people enjoyed it so much even to get three twelves xrose xbow thanks a...
  13. chontono

    UZBEKISTAN, JIZZSEX THE SHOW [OM 38] ♀️👸🇺🇿 DDL: 19 JUNE, 23:59 CEST (Votes to @empo21)

    Dear Swedish, congratulations xcheer Very happy for you xrose xrunhug I must confess that song made me nervous but still it was clearly the best among this set for OM members so it’s awesome. thanks a lot to the voters of Yemen :giggle:
  14. chontono

    Wild Card Country, NO gets majority vote.

    I only miss to be able to include some American countries here from time to time that I lately find so intriguing and musically successful but I would not use or like seeing European countries against Cambodia and else, tbh. so after some thought, I would vote against the idea, I’m afraid xshrug
  15. chontono

    Orient Express: Jury Switching

    From OM 39 old country: Yemen new country: Qatar
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